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Painted Or Stained? Which Is Best For Your Cabinets

Painted or stained is the usual choice when adding new cabinets to your home. Of course, you can go with unfinished, but most people go with some form of finish. With stained, you keep more of a natural wood look, but painted cabinets give you more variety of color. So, which is actually best? While [...]

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8 Tricks For Doubling The Space In Your Cabinets

Who doesn't have space issues when it comes to their cabinets? What if you could double the space in your cabinets with a few simple tricks? It's actually possible. From gadgets to custom shelving, you could go from a cluttered mess to neatly organized cabinets that you're not afraid to open. The best part is [...]

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What To Consider Before Remodeling Your Kitchen

Before you start cutting or demolishing anything your kitchen, it's important to think things through carefully. Once you start remodeling your kitchen, it's hard to just stop and go back to what you had before. Plan out what you want before you do anything else. Think about what type of kitchen you'll be happy with [...]

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Kitchen Cabinetry Trends To Consider In 2018

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen in 2018, you might want to consider the latest kitchen cabinetry trends. With a wide range of trends to choose from, it’s easy to get the perfect kitchen to match your style and personality. Of course, the most important thing to remember is to always go with a [...]

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Make the Most of Your Kitchen Space With Custom Cabinets

Whether you've recently purchased a new home, or have been saving up to fix your old place for years, custom cabinets can give you a fresh look. They take up the largest amount of space in your kitchen, so they should also be the most attractive feature. They can give your home an enchanting blend of [...]

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Rustic Living With Modern Kitchen

This new construction home has a rustic feel with the exposed rough sawn beams and wood throughout, but the kitchen is up to day on style, colors, and functionality. With cabinets to the ceiling and built in lighting with all soft close hardware and topped off with granite it is sure to inspire. Contact Edgewood Custom [...]

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Full Overlay or Inset Kitchen Cabinets?

Full overlay or Inset Kitchen Cabinets? While there are differences between the cabinet designs, they are all lovely. In the end, the real difference is aesthetics and not function. Therefore, go with your preference. The three styles available are inset, full overlay, and partial overlay. Inset Kitchen Cabinets The doors in inset cabinets are inset into [...]

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Decluttering Tips for Cleaning Your Cabinets

Decluttering Tips for Cleaning Your Cabinets   For those of you who have not jumped on the decluttering and tidying train – it’s time to climb aboard! If your cabinets feel cluttered, look untidy, and have an overwhelming amount of stuff strewn all about – it’s time to learn how to declutter and tidy your cabinets. [...]

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