When It Absolutely, Positively, has to “POP”

There is no doubt about it. Recycled glass countertops become the focal point in a kitchen or bath. The visual impact is powerful and textural; a combination that certainly gives you a big bang for your money. Pieces of glass or porcelain, blended with cement or acrylic, give a mosaic-like finish that compliments almost every design style. [...]

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Glass Cabinet Doors – Are Grandma’s Favorites Popular Again?

Remember Grandma's kitchen? With its pastel-colored refrigerator with the rounded top, the sink cabinet with the built-in drainboard, and the glass doors on the upper cabinets? You can almost hear the laughter, smell the doughnuts frying, and feel the warmth of that simpler time, can't you? That sense of nostalgia might be why glass-fronted cabinets [...]

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