Get That Microwave Off The Counter

Your counters are prime kitchen real estate, especially in a modest sized kitchen. Integrating this appliance into your cabinetry lets you reclaim workspace(and quite frankly, is visually more appealing.) The holidays are fast approaching and you know you'll need counter space to cool all those cookies.It is nice to have choices in life, and there [...]

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Don’t “demo”. deconstruct. You’ll be glad you did

Congratulations! That new dream kitchen is finally about to happen. Before the contractor schedules "demo" day, consider the alternatives to swinging a sledgehammer and filling a dumpster with shattered and splintered cabinetry. With just a modicum of talent, a little bit of paint, and some new hardware (and maybe a brief session on Pinterest), you'll figure [...]

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Toe Kick Drawers – A Personal Choice

How much time do you spend searching for kitchen gadgets? You know what we are talking about; The apple slicer, corn cob holders, the cute placemats with the holiday décor? All those small things that never seem to have a permanent place to live, and  are never where you thought they were. Stop wasting time, [...]

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Four Things to Consider Before You Shop For New Cabinets

Ready to ditch that builder's grade kitchen from 30 years ago? Honey oak cabinets have seen their day and we are happy to shut the door on that era with you. If you are ready to bid adieu to your old kitchen, Edgewood Cabinetry is ready to help you bring your design dreams to life. Here [...]

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The Butcher, The Baker, and The Barista

The heart of the home - the kitchen! Every family member, friend, and relative ends up in this one space at some time or another. While you may not be able to increase the size of the room, you most certainly can make sure it is more user-friendly. Contrary to the age-old adage, you most definitely [...]

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Best Ideas for Adding Color to Your Kitchen Cabinetry

If your kitchen looks a bit drab these days, you might want to consider adding some color by updating your cabinetry. It doesn't take a lot to change the visual appeal of your cabinets, nor do you have to go crazy with color to get that added interest. Even using different wood tones or different [...]

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3 Reasons Your Home Needs a Portable Kitchen Island Cart

Every kitchen has limited counter space and storage, and stand-alone pieces have long been the answer. These beautiful islands work well in homes with large kitchens, but a lack of floor space has been an issue in many homes. For years, home cooks with small kitchens have felt their needs were not addressed. It is now possible to [...]

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Double Stacked Kitchen Cabinets, Yes or No?

 When it comes  to getting a beautiful new kitchen, nothing can be more exciting, but at the same time frustrating. You have probably been pouring over the design publications, as well as finding your favorites online at some of the popular sites. You think you know what you want, but need to investigate seriously if [...]

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An Even Dozen of the Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas

Storage is an ongoing problem in most kitchens. Just when you think you've found a home for everything, that new must-have appliance comes out. Or dear Aunt Elsie gives you a set of hand-embroidered dish towels that you know won't last a week if you leave them out in your busy kitchen. So, how do you cram more storage [...]

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