Functionality or Looks – Which Should You Choose for Your New Kitchen?

We've all seen a beautiful kitchen in a magazine or showroom and been wowed by its beauty and decided that that's the perfect kitchen for us. But just how practical would one of those showpiece kitchens be for your lifestyle? When it comes down to designing a kitchen for your home, there are a couple of [...]

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Out with the old – kitchen trends predicted for 2016

When the National Kitchen and Bath Association takes notice, trends happen. The 2016 Kitchen and bath industry show is upon us, happening in Las Vegas January 19th - 21st. The visions and voices of manufacturers and designers will shape the Kitchen trends for 2016. Color will definitely be controversial in the upcoming months. Pantone has named not one, but [...]

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Nine Kitchen Design Must Haves That Can Change Things for You

We are impressed with the power of these kitchen design must haves, and you should be too. In fact, here's how cabinetry design can change things for you. • Perfect Design Details Consider dark finishes with light-colored cabinetry for an elegant look. Sleek cabinet hardware is always featured in high-end designs. It's not just about [...]

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From Cookbooks to Tablets: Designing Your Kitchen for the 21st Century

Some things about kitchens haven't changed in the last century. It's still the place where the family gathers and connects on a daily basis. Meals and memories are still made in this room. But accomplishing tasks has undergone a major transformation in the past decade, and the kitchen is now one of the most technological [...]

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Advantages of Open Shelving in the Kitchen

Open shelving in the kitchen is currently very popular among home builders and kitchen remodelers.    Websites, like Pinterest, offer numerous photos of kitchens with open shelving.  You may be wondering what the advantages of this relatively new kitchen design are.  Decorative Open shelving offers multiple opportunities for decorating in the kitchen. •    Bring color [...]

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ROI and the Benefits of Remodeling: Kitchen and Bathroom Designs Help in Future Sales

The benefits of remodeling in your home as a return on investment is going to depend considerably on what kind of remodeling style you ultimately choose. When remodeling a kitchen or bathroom, particularly, your chances of a hefty return on investment are much more, says This Old House. But style is going to apply in [...]

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