Three Steps to Declutter Your Kitchen Worktops

Kitchens are the heart of the home and now more than ever they can be both beautiful and functional. But, if you are struggling with too much clutter on your counter-tops, here are three steps to declutter your kitchen worktops take them from an unorganized nightmare to your perfect dream kitchen. Evaluate your small appliances: Every [...]

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An Even Dozen of the Most Popular Kitchen Storage Ideas

Storage is an ongoing problem in most kitchens. Just when you think you've found a home for everything, that new must-have appliance comes out. Or dear Aunt Elsie gives you a set of hand-embroidered dish towels that you know won't last a week if you leave them out in your busy kitchen. So, how do you cram more storage [...]

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Custom Storage Solutions for Short Walls and Sloped Ceilings

Do you have a bonus room upstairs that has pony walls and sloped ceilings? Those half-sized walls can really cause problems with furniture placement. If you keep furniture far enough from the short walls to be comfortable, it looks awkward - as if the furniture and walls belong to different rooms. But if you arrange [...]

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3 Reasons Adding A Window Seat or Bench In Your Kitchen Can Improve Your Home and Life

When considering kitchen seating, most people's thoughts automatically go to tables or an island. If you're looking for ideas to improve the design and function of your kitchen, consider adding a window seat or bench for not only increased functionality but a quiet space to call your own. Consider these 3 reasons why a custom [...]

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Custom Upgrades in the Pantry will Make Your Kitchen More Organized and Spacious

We've had a lot of experience speaking with homeowners, and the lack of space or organization, and the abundance of clutter are the top complaints about kitchens. The pantry is a great solution to this problem, but it usually requires some tweaking. Custom touches will make your pantry more user-friendly, solving many of your kitchen [...]

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Get the Most Out of Your Laundry Room with Custom Cabinets

Does your laundry room need to be more organized? If you are like most homeowners, the answer is probably yes! Laundry rooms by definition should be highly functional spaces where the weekly care of clothes can be done efficiently. Yet in many homes it is a high traffic area that also serves as a dumping spot [...]

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Functional Kitchen Accessories Are Taking Center Stage

Channel surf through the home improvement shows and one thing really stands out, the increasing use of functional kitchen accessories. Part of the trend may be attributed to people’s increasing desire to have an organized but informal kitchen with wide open spaces. So what functional kitchen accessories are hot right now? Let’s take a quick [...]

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