Kitchen Cabinetry Trends

If you’re thinking of remodeling your kitchen in 2018, you might want to consider the latest kitchen cabinetry trends.

With a wide range of trends to choose from, it’s easy to get the perfect kitchen to match your style and personality. Of course, the most important thing to remember is to always go with a style that you’ll love for years to come.

From keeping things hidden to gorgeous accessories, 2018 is full of trends to make your kitchen a one of a kind masterpiece.

Multi-Color Designs

Usually, you see kitchen cabinets in a single color. One of the more quirky kitchen cabinetry trends of 2018 is multi-color designs. For instance, you might go with a sea green and burgundy color scheme where inner door panels are one color and the rest of the cabinet the other.

Some kitchens feature the design where only the island is a different color. Others only use a varying color on the baseboards and trim. If you’re struggling to find the right color combo, This Old House has some inspiring combos to consider.

More Than Shelves

Why stop at just shelves behind your cabinet doors? Instead, consider pull-out drawers, spice racks, dish organizers and anything else you desire. The idea is to use your cabinets to better organize your kitchen and keep your counters clutter free. Sometimes, you’ll need more than shelves to accomplish this.

Neutral Tones

Neutral tones is actually an on-going trend, but it’s one that’s still popular going into 2018. Instead of traditional wood tone colors, neutral tones help brighten a kitchen and make it look larger. It’s the perfect trend for smaller kitchens that want to give the illusion of more space. White, gray and other light colors are always great choices.

Hidden Appliances

It’s hard to imagine walking into a kitchen and not immediately having your eyes drawn to the refrigerator. However, one of the biggest kitchen cabinetry trends of 2018 is going to hidden appliances. Smaller appliances, such as toasters and coffee makers will have dedicated cabinets. Your microwave and refrigerator will be hidden behind special doors designed to blend into your cabinets.

For a cleaner look and to confuse your guests, it’s a trend you’ll definitely want to consider. It’s even better if you also have a refrigerator that tends to collect fingerprints.

Display Cases

You don’t have to add in a china cabinet to display your best crystal or cute kitchen collectibles. Instead, try a new trend. Turn a few cabinets into display cases. Instead of standard doors, use glass paneled doors to provide a window to the cabinet. For taller kitchens, you could even consider having a row of small display cabinets that line the top. A little back lighting adds a classy effect and makes your kitchen both functional and decorative.

Reaching The Ceiling

How often do you wish you had more cabinet space? If you’re like most people and answered yes, you’ll love this next trend. Instead of large trim around the tops of your cabinets or just empty space that gets filled with odds and ends and dust, take your cabinets all the way to the ceiling.

You’ll usually gain a least an inch or two of extra space. While it might not sound like much, you’d be surprised at how much more you’ll be able to fit in. Plus, you won’t have to dust the empty space any more.

Shelves Versus Cabinets

One of the more unique kitchen cabinetry trends of 2018 is free-standing shelving. For items you use often, you might consider having open shelving in place of some cabinets. The shelves could be used just for displaying cute things you’ve collected or the plates and pots you use every single day. You could even place them next to a window and use the shelves to hold pots of fresh herbs. This is a highly versatile trend you could use for any number of things.

You don’t have to give up traditional cabinets though. Even replacing just a slim vertical cabinet with shelves gives you plenty of new ways to organize your kitchen.

Quartz Countertops

Quartz is starting to appear more and more on kitchen counters. Unlike granite, quartz isn’t porous, which means anything you spill on your cabinet isn’t going to become a life-long resident of your counter. It’s only recently that quartz has been designed to give the same kind of flair to your kitchen as granite.

With counters that are easier to keep clean, it’s the ideal trend to try during your next remodel. Keep an eye out for increasingly more quartz designs.

Smarter Storage

The trend towards smarter storage is a welcome one. Instead of just having a bunch of cabinets with shelves, turn your cabinets into organizational tools that work for you. For instance, have drawers with built-in dividers versus buying plastic dividers later. Replace a cabinet with a wine cabinet. Have small racks built into the doors for storing pot lids, spices and cooking utensils.

Be creative. The more ways you can customize your cabinets to keep your kitchen and counters clutter-free, the better.

Furniture Meets Cabinets

If you’ve always thought kitchen cabinets seemed kind of plain, you’ll be amazed at some of the kitchen cabinetry trends that are spicing up the design. For instance, islands are getting carved feet, much like elegant chairs. An open shelving area might have a decorative arch to add some flair. Gorgeous carved moldings make standard cabinet trim just seem boring.

When you start thinking of your cabinets more like furniture, it’s easy to see unique ways to accessorize them. It’ll also add some elegance to your kitchen.

Turn Dining Into Storage

Kitchens are becoming more open and including dining areas. Why not embrace this latest trend and turn your dining area into extra cabinet storage? Yes, instead of an open table, you have more of a kitchen island style table. The island sinks in to provide space for chairs or stools.

To avoid anyone getting a leg caught on a handle, use recessed handles within the doors. This is a great place to store smaller appliances you don’t use often or bulkier cookware. When designed right, no one even has to know they’re sitting at cabinets. You need a table anyway, so combine table and cabinets to save space.

Considering using any of these kitchen cabinetry trends in your new kitchen? Contact us to find out the best ways to implement these in your home.

Image: Aaron Huber