make the most of your kitchen-edgewood custom cabinetry

Whether you’ve recently purchased a new home, or have been saving up to fix your old place for years, custom cabinets can give you a fresh look.

They take up the largest amount of space in your kitchen, so they should also be the most attractive feature. They can give your home an enchanting blend of style and purpose.

With nearly endless choices, the options for your kitchen are vast. There are so many different ways you can combine different cabinetry pieces to create a unique and timeless design for your living space.

Keep reading if you would like to learn about some cool cabinetry options to make the most out of the space in your kitchen.

The Upper Shelf

When you are putting your dishes away initially, you must decide what to put on the top shelf. Unless you want to keep a step ladder handy, whatever is kept on this shelf will become unreachable to some members of your household.

Many people use these shelves for those rarely uses platters and fancy dishes brought out once a year. But with customized cabinets, you can find new ways to make the most of your space.

Adding a library ladder, or using glass paned doors can make it easier to see what the cabinet contains, making them a more functional place to store things.

Counter Intelligence

If you have a love of cooking and enjoy watching the Food Network, then you may have seen some of the recent innovations in kitchen design. One popular new trend is the pull-out butcher’s block. A drawer opens to reveal a full-size cutting board that can either be removed for cleaning or is treated to allow for easy cleanup.

For those that want to take this design to the next level, locating a disposal bin below your cutting board can make cleaning a breeze.

Custom Cabinets Stand Up

If you have ever gone to bake something and dug through a pile of pans before you finally reached the one you needed, then there is a solution for you.

Storing baking sheets in a drawer is a waste of space and a real pain. If you purchase a specially made drawer, with dividers, you can organize your pans to stand up. This makes them easier to sort through and gives you one less excuse not to try that recipe out.

Beyond your baking items, you can also purchase drawers that contain cylinders designed to store your utensils upright. This is a much more sanitary way to maintain your kitchen equipment, storing them on the countertop makes them dust magnets.

Aim for the Ceiling

If you want to avoid having dust collect on top of your cabinets over the years, you can have them designed to reach the ceiling.

This extra height will give you more room for storage while also keeping your kitchen a cleaner place.

End Corner Discrimination

Noone ever knows what to do with the small spaces in their kitchen that don’t seem large enough for anything useful. But it is very frustrating to have wasted space.

With custom cabinets, you can fill those corners in a variety of ways.

Some creative people have designed to have baking ingredient storage containers integrated into their cabinet design. Another way they use these cut outs of space is to store and display cookbooks.

If you have a collection that you have been wondering what to do with, display your books can be a really fun way to personalize your kitchen. You may be surprised how many memories it triggers when you go through those dusty old recipes.

Another great use for a crevice is knife storage. If you have a space that is at least two inches wide, you should be able to fit a knife block there. Making it into a drawer can be a great way to camouflage it.

Spice Up Your Life

One of the best things about investing in custom cabinets is the ability to display your spice collection.

People have gone about this in a variety of ways.

One of the most popular is building an exposed shelving unit near the stove top. Pieces of wood are then nailed along the front of the shelf in a similar way to the shelves inside your refrigerator door. This prevents them from falling whenever they are touched since spices are used so frequently.

If you don’t feel a strip will be enough to control your collection, purchasing a glass front cabinet door can be a great option.

The last and perhaps most ingenious way to manage the spices in your kitchen is a pullout spice rack. You can hide them in a corner or crevice, the same way as other things we previously discussed.

This is a good option for someone who has a very large spice collection. If you have tastes that go beyond the decorative, having this style of spice rack will be very satisfying. You will be able to see everything you need immediately upon opening the drawer.

Declutter Your Countertop

If you have multiple sets of keys, a lot of electronic chargers, leashes, change, and any number of other items cluttering up your countertop, custom cabinets can give you another option for storage.

You will also impress your friends when you reach in your super secret cabinet and pull out something completely unexpected. It is almost like having your own hidden passageway.

Make the Most with Custom Cabinets

No matter the size of your living space, you can benefit from designing your own customized cabinetry. You want the area you cook in to be relaxing, intuitive and vibrant.

By prioritizing the position of your utensils you will maximize the attention you can provide to cooking your dishes. There is something magical about knowing exactly where everything is.

For those with smaller spaces, custom cabinets allow you to have more flexibility. You can control precisely where you want your sink, and even incorporate a breakfast bar if you desire.

With savvy shelving choices, your cooking process will be transformed. If you are looking to reclaim your space contact Edgewood Cabinetry today.