home office-edgewood cabinetry

Are you getting that cramped feeling at home? Do you have items that are scattered in every room of your home (books, videos, electronics, toys, work, hobbies)?

Libraries and wall units may be your solution. We are not talking about grand two-story libraries with spiral staircases, like at the Biltmore estate, or something that looks like a university library.

In the last few years wall units have begun to change. Taking on a new look and using new materials to keep up with our busy modern lives. Shelving and cabinets are moving from the kitchen into our homes and daily lives. Whether it’s an elegant display of your dishware and cooking ware, your wine collection, or your books, wall units can change the look of your home and simplify your daily needs. And, that’s just the beginning.

Do you have that one space that is too hard to use? Maybe it’s an alcove, a place in your entryway, or a section of your wall – transform it!

Your custom wall unit can incorporate a fireplace, flat screen TV, or even a unique architectural feature of your home.

Do you work from home? Create a workstation with everything you need to run your business in one convenient wall unit. Wall units are not just for the home though. Business space can be expensive. With custom built wall units you can free up more of that valuable space, while becoming more efficient, and creating a look that enhances your image with your customers.

If you can think it, today’s libraries and wall units can incorporate it. Glass front doors, sliding doors, drop down desk tops, all with modern materials and custom designs, are just some of the possibilities. Let one our designers show you the unique possibilities of your home or office. Whether you are looking for a sleek modern design with glass and metal, or an elegant more traditional design with wood, libraries and wall units can open up your space, while putting what you need at your finger tips. Each design is custom to your space and needs.

Contact us and find out what our talented team of professionals can do for you.