undercabinet lighting-edgewood cabinetry

Custom cabinet lighting can make the difference between cabinets as everyday storage and a kitchen that is a real work of art.

An added bonus is the ease of use – no more digging in dark recesses for that missing gravy boat or peering at a dimly lit recipe card on the counter!

The lights can even be customized to suit your unique needs with dimmers and optional motion sensors.

No more fumbling for a light switch when you need a drink in the middle of the night; an undercabinet light will come on when you enter the room and turn off when you leave. You could also leave a dimmed light on in the guest bath for your overnight guest’s convenience and safety. There are other applications for these lights as well; how about a closet rod that lights up to help you find that perfect blouse or tie? Or bookcases that light up to showcase your collection of travel mementos and family photos?

Lights that are designed for cabinets have a low profile so they blend unseen into the cabinetry and are not in any way obtrusive. That’s one of the many benefits of working with a design professional – you’ll get quality products that fit into your space like they were, well, designed for it! They will also suit your unique needs and design esthetic. If you are tired of ordinary lights from a big box store or online retailer that sortof do the job, contact us. We would love to design custom lighting for your home that showcases your sense of style in an elegant, refined way.