Advantages of Custom Made CabinetsBenefits of Bespoke Furniture

Owning a home for the first time is exciting in different ways for everyone, but we all have different ways of expressing this intense joy! Research shows us that of all aspects of the home, people spend the most time and energy on desgning and coming up with a good layout for their home. People building a home for the first time love to throw in their own touch on what they do, personalize their first big project only makes them feel even more proud of what they’ve done!

Every room in the house matters; whether bedroom, dressing room, kitchen, or living room. Edgewood cabinetry comes in to help you add taste to every corner of your house. Kitchens, generally considered the heart of the home,  are loved for the variety of customizations and different designs options you can fit into them! Just be sure to keep the rest of your home interior in mind when designing the kitchen, you want it to fit in with the rest of the house.

A well-designed kitchen not only saves you time any un-nessicary headaches, it just makes it more comfortable to operate in the space. Having custom cabinets in the kitchen only improves your situation. Usually, Edgewood cabinetry’s custom kitchen cabinets are designed to the homeowners exact taste. Most people want everything to be in the right place and neatly stored away. Custom made kitchen cabinets can be expensive, but there are multiple advantages to designing them to fit into YOUR space.

  1. Offers multiple options.

When it comes to Edgewood cabinetry, the sky is the limit.  Since it is designed for your space and pace, you choose the type of wood, style, and finish of your cabinets. You can even decide on the specific storage/shelving hardware you want installed! Working directly with the cabinet designer/builder is a great way to guarantee that you get exactly what you envisioned. If you get a pre-built you may get kinda what you want, but it will never exactly meet your desires.

Although contractors aim to do quality work, jobs can quickly end up shoddy at times just due to miscommunication and simple errors that result from that. They may not capture the essence of your design, they may not even give you the options you want! At the end you very well may be disappointed, but it is too late to do much unless you want to start over (hint: you probably don’t). Dealing with the cabinet manufacturer gives you full control of the decisions to be made regarding the cabinets. Edgewood cabinetry manufacturers assist you in deciding the style, colors of floor and wall. From step 1 to step 100, they’re there! Think of it like this, for your project you’re the project lead. You decide what things look like, where they go, and pretty much everything directly dealing with you!

There are endless modifications possible for your designs. You can always change things around before they’re actually made to fit your family lifestyle and aesthetic value better.  Just make sure things are in a place where you like them when the process starts to wind down, last minute changes can be frustrating and you want the process to be as easy and nice as you can.

  1. Saves Space!

Who doesn’t need more space in their home? I know I’d love just a little bit more space in some areas. Custom cabinets can help you to save a ton of space in the house, mainly the kitchen you’re installing them in. If they’re designed right, they can fit a ton of things in them, saving you both from visible clutter and just general annoyance while trying to rememeber where something is that you had to move due to lack of space. After doing away with the soffits, monopolize the area and install a tall cabinet. Semi-custom cabinets go as high as 36,” but custom cabinets can be as high as 102”. With semi-custom cabinets, a lot of space is left horizontally, but customized customs maximize every bit of space possible. That’s the key with this whole custom cabinet thing, you’re maximizing your space and using it how YOU want to at the same time. Pretty amazing deal right?

  1. Perfect craftsmanshipHandcrafted Living Space

It takes a certain level of both craftsmanship and artistic style/ability to make a good set of custom cabinets. The craftsmen often plan on where drawers and such will go while even drawing up your cabinets, making sure no detail is left behind. Pieces of wood are cut to size and fit together, ensuring that they can slide right into place. The craftsmen prefer to use merged joints and dowels instead of nails, they give you a more clean overall look and make both assembly and dis-assembly easier.

  1. Environmental friendly

Ever heard, take care of mother nature, and she will take care of you? Custom cabinets are made using wood, a non-poisonous, semi-renewable, and biodegradable material. By working directly with the cabinet manufacturer, you can always ensure that the wood used has no adverse impacts on the environment. Some bulk-cabinet makers will use lower quality materials and things that may even contain dangerous compounds. You don’t want that around your friends and family all the time, or even at all. Materials matter almost as much as craftsmanship, make sure you’re getting the best.


A well-organized space preserves your time, energy, and looks more appealing that the opposite. Custom cabinets assist you in getting and keeping your place organized. There are various storage space options in customized cabinets.  They help in altering the look of the space; modern cabinets can be modified to match the interior of the house also!

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