Can The Right Kitchen Cabinets Improve Your Health

If you’re trying to improve your health, you might be overlooking an effective way – your kitchen cabinets. Yes, kitchen cabinets improve your health.

As strange as that might sound, your health often centers around what and how you eat. The right cabinets have a surprisingly huge impact on that.

Before jumping on a fad diet, look into changing your kitchen cabinets. It could be the perfect solution for a kitchen and health makeover all in one.

Encourage More Cooking At Home

In a 2019 survey, 56% of Americans choose to eat out 2-3 times each week, while 6% say they eat out every day. Whether it’s due to a busy schedule, picky eaters or just no desire to cook, people eat out a lot. And usually, it’s not always the healthiest choices.

The right kitchen cabinets improve your health by encouraging more cooking at home. When your kitchen is designed for your needs, you’re more likely to want to spend time cooking. Even if you’re only fixing quick meals or just fixing breakfast and lunch while going out for dinner, you’re still cooking more at home. This gives you more control over what goes into your food, such as picking more natural options versus processed foods.

Design For Easy Access

Before you just remodel your kitchen to start eating healthier, it’s important to understand what needs to change. How often do you decide to eat out because you can’t get to your pots, pans and even ingredients without a struggle?

Always design your kitchen for easy access. By using custom cabinets, you’ll be able to organize items in your kitchen for easier access. Imagine a shelf that slides out, giving you instant access to neatly stacked pots. Or, what about slide out bins that keep your canned goods organized without anything falling over?

You can also customize your kitchen layout to make prepping and cooking easier. Set up your cabinets so that the items you need most for cooking are always within reach.

Set Up A Recipe Area

Another common reason people eat out is they don’t know what to fix or how. Let your kitchen cabinets improve your health by creating a recipe area. You might have a cabinet with a glass door to showcase a recipe book collection. Then, add a light under the cabinet along with a pop-up recipe book holder. This can also hold your tablet to access digital recipes. Keep a notepad or tablet nearby to jot down your grocery list as you pick out interesting recipes.

Having an area made specifically for picking out things to eat encourages you to try your hand at cooking. Of course, with the variety of cooking tips and guided videos on many cooking apps, even beginners can cook amazing meals with ease.

Add In A Prep Station

Every kitchen needs a great prep station. Having room to actually prep meals makes cooking far more enjoyable. You might even consider turning a few hours on a weekend into family meal prep day. Gather your family and have everyone pick out recipes for the week ahead. Then, start prepping what you’ll need and store it to quickly fix your meals throughout the week, even after a busy day.

Kitchen islands work great for this. They give you extra counterspace and allow you to store more cookware and small countertop appliances.

Make Your Kitchen Feel Welcoming

The most important thing to consider is to make your kitchen feel welcoming. Kitchen cabinets improve your health by not only making things easier to find, but making your kitchen feel like a fun and relaxing place to be. The right door design, hardware and colors transform a kitchen.

For instance, if your kitchen feels dull and gloomy, brighten things up with a much lighter stain or even a bright white paint. You can also change the design to make the space feel more open, even in a smaller kitchen.

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Image: Conscious Design