It’s a secret that seems to be impossible to discover – how to organize the kitchen cabinets so you always find what you need without endless searching.

While there isn’t just one perfect way to do this, there are some smart ways to make the most of your cabinets without piling them full, constantly having to bend over or reaching way over your head.

The first step is to clean out all your cabinets, purge whatever you don’t need and then get ready to start organizing.

Use Different Storage Containers

Product packaging isn’t always your best friend. This is why using square or rectangular storage containers helps you make the most of your cabinets. Store cereal in clear airtight containers that stack easily. Do the same with cookies and crackers. Whenever possible, transfer items to containers that are easy to stack and easy to see inside of.

Assign One Function To Each Shelf, Drawer or Cabinet

Are your spices stored over multiple cabinets? Maybe your canned goods are all over the place. Take the time to assign a single function to every drawer, shelf and cabinet. For instance, you might have one drawer just for eating utensils and another for cooking utensils. One cabinet might be dedicated strictly to baking dishes and pans. It may take some trial and error to figure out what works best where, but it’s well worth the time. Don’t forget you can have your kitchen cabinets custom made to best fit your needs.

Utilize Drawer Organizers

Drawer organizers can be your best friend. Just remember, use organizers wisely to avoid losing space in your cabinets and drawers. These organizers keep your drawers from becoming a free for all. Organize any smaller items, such as utensils quickly.

Take Advantage Of Lazy Susans

A Lazy Susan is a must-have for organizing kitchen cabinets. Of course, they’re also ideal for organizing your countertops and other areas too. Easily get to those hard to reach items by placing them on a Lazy Susan. You can even have a pull-out version for those back corner cabinets. If it happens to get cluttered, check out these tips for organizing even the messiest Lazy Susan.

Put Your Most Used Within Easy Reach

No matter what else you do, always put your most used items within easy reach. If you use a certain frying pan often, don’t put it on the bottom of a stack in the back of your cabinet. If possible, dedicate a cabinet to your most used cooking supplies. The less you have to reach, the easier it is to get more done.

Use Pullout Shelves

Pullout shelves work much like drawers. However, they ensure you’re able to reach everything in the back without any problems. This is ideal for items that may be hard to see, such as spices or pot lids. Be careful not to put heavier items on these as it may cause the shelf to bow when you pull it out.

Hang Small Things On Cabinet Doors

Don’t forget about all the space that’s on the inside of your doors. Kitchen cabinets are often used to store smaller items. For instance, consider placing hooks on the door that you use to store pots and pans. Hang lids and cooking utensils for easy reach. You can also place small baskets inside the door to store sponges, storage bags and other smaller items.

Hang Bulky Or Oddly Shaped Items

You don’t always have to stack everything in your kitchen cabinets. Sometimes you gain more space by hanging oddly shaped items. Place hooks at the top of your cabinets to hang larger pots or any bulky items. You then leave the bottom of the cabinet free to store stackable items or even smaller odd-shaped items, such as waffle makers.

Eliminate Reaching Back With Pullout Baskets

Much like pullout shelves, pullout baskets work well to organize your kitchen cabinets and eliminate too much bending and reaching. These are ideal if you don’t already have pullout shelves built-in. You can get them in various sizes to organize like items. For instance, if you don’t need a spice cabinet, have a smaller pullout basket to store all your spices.

Keep A Sturdy Stepstool On Hand

Finally, you’ll need a sturdy stepstool from time to time to reach those items stored at the very top of your cabinets. These are items you rarely use. However, you’ll save time by having a small stepstool hanging on the outer side of your cabinet.

Want to learn how to better organize your kitchen cabinets through custom sizing, shelving and organizational features? Contact us today to find out how we can help.

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