The Best Mudroom Designs For The Country Home

Muddy shoes, umbrellas, coats, sports gear and much more quickly get out of hand around your entryway or laundry room. This is why you need a mudroom for your country home.

Keep everything organized and within easy reach by remodeling your entryway using some of the best mudroom designs.

When you’re finished, you’ll love how much extra storage you have and even how much easier it is to clean without everyone tracking in dirt and mud all over your clean floors.

Think Rustic

Some of the best mudroom designs for country homes have one thing in common – they’re rustic. They often use aged looking woods. They also tend to stick with natural wood tones to bring more nature into your home. It’s not unusual to also take advantage of components you already have in the area, such as using a handrail as a coat rack, if you have a few steps leading from your mudroom into the main part of your home.

In addition to wood tones, you can also decorate in more earthy tones, such as brown, orange, red and sea blue/green. Adding pops of color always brightens up the space.

Add A Wash Area

City homes may have mudrooms, but country homes have made them a necessity. After all, country means more outdoor activities and mess. The last thing you want is to stick muddy shoes in a bin or on a shelf. It keeps them out of the way, but as the mud dries, dirt goes everywhere. Avoid this by adding a wash area to your mudroom.

The best mudroom designs incorporate a small hose and drain and even a sink to quickly wash off muddy boots and clean up hands. It’s a quick and easy way to keep the area cleaner. You’ll also want to add a drying rack above the drain for things to drip dry.

Tile Works Well

Tile is easy to mop clean and it adds a bit more color to your mudroom. Instead of going with bright white, opt for more earth tone colors. These will blend well with your natural wood cabinets. Some of the best mudroom designs also use tile as the top for a bench and as a backsplash for a wash area.

Add Shoe Hangers

Most mudrooms just have bins or an open cabinet to store shoes. However, you may often come in with wet or muddy boots in your country home. If you don’t let them dry out, you could be putting your feet back into mildewed shoes. No one wants that!

Instead, use an open wall space near the floor to add hangers to hang your shoes upside down to dry. You’ll want to either add this near your wash area or place a bin underneath to catch any excess water. To ensure the bin doesn’t get tipped over, add a sliding drawer underneath it. The lip of the drawer protects the bin, but the sliding part allows you to pull it out easily to empty it.

Make It Pet-Friendly

If you have pets, make sure your country mudroom is pet-friendly. After playing outside, your dog may just want to curl up and sleep. If they’re dirty, wash them off, dry them with a towel hung nearby and then let them curl up to rest and finish air drying in a cubby underneath your mudroom cabinets. Consider making a small cabinet just above their bed to store leashes, pet food and clean bedding.

Maximize Storage

The best mudroom designs for country homes offer maximum storage. For instance, you may have a storage bench that also has small cabinets or cubby holes above it. Corners are ideal for tall cabinets or shelves. Thin areas on the other side of your door work well for hanging coats, hats and umbrellas. Add plenty of shelving and cabinets to store everything you need. Make sure everyone in your home has their own space too.

Finding Inspiration

Your mind is probably spinning with all the possibilities. To give you a little more inspiration, check out some of these great mudroom design ideas:

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Image: Jason Leung