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Maintaining cabinets can be trickier than some people realize. Whether painted, stained, or finished, wooden cabinets will wear with age. This aging is especially true for kitchen cabinets exposed to oils, grease, smoke, and steam. Bathroom cabinets face a similar issue as a result of steam and high humidity. Some people might be tempted to replace such cabinets. However, as long as the cabinets are adequately maintained, restoration remains a viable option.

Restore Old Cabinets

Edgewood Cabinetry kitchen cabinets Raleigh NCRestoration is a good idea for people who find themselves with old cabinets that might fit perfectly in the room but are not the desired design. If the cabinets are in good condition but not matching the perceived vision of the new owner, restoration rather than replacement is an option in such instances.

Refacing Cabinets

Old cabinets can be changed to a new look by refacing. This method effectively replaces the cabinet doors and fixtures to be more in line with the desired look of the room. Repainting or refinishing the cabinets is another way to achieve this. Refinishing is also an effective method of restoration for cabinets exposed to grease and smoke. Even a fresh coat of paint can help, especially when the cabinets have started to peel from humidity. If moisture has caused the wood to warp, refacing can restore the cabinets depending on the extent of the damage.

Save Money & Keep The Same Cabinets

Remodeling Your KitchenRefacing and other restoration methods are often much more cost-effective than outright replacing cabinets. For one, installation and construction costs are avoided. When it comes to cabinets, restoration costs are almost always less than replacement, since there’s rarely a need to install or replace anything besides the paint or the doors. The home user can do a simple restoration. Before performing such tasks, it’s best to examine the cabinets, learn the extent of the damage, and see how easy or difficult the restoration might become. Refacing can be done by the home user as well, but having it handled by experts guarantees a uniform, crisp, fresh look throughout the room in question.

Cabinets don’t need to be replaced as often as people might think. They can be refaced and restored to keep their original beauty and use while still matching new design choices. Peeling paint can be retouched, old hinges can be replaced, and outdated designs can be refaced. All it takes is the right know-how and the right experts.

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