Home Office Fitout - 8 Things You Need To Do

You’ve finally got your home office space, but now what? It’s time for a home office fit-out. You get to turn your empty space into a dream office.

A fit-out is about more than just putting in a desk and a chair. It’s about creating the entire interior to best fit your needs.

Even though it might seem daunting at first, you’ll be nothing but happy when you sit down for the first time to work. With the right office, you’ll even be more productive.

Home Office Fitout - 8 Things You Need To Do1. Think About Lighting

Lighting is one of the most important parts of any home office. It’s actually a great way to increase productivity. A good rule is it’s always better to be too bright than too dim. The last thing you want is to strain your eyes. Ideally, incorporate several different light sources. Overhead lights work well for lighting your entire office. However, adding a few well-placed lamps work well when you don’t need as much light. Also, if your office allows for it, add a window for natural light. Just make sure to angle your desk so the sun doesn’t hurt your eyes or reflect off your screen.

2. Choose Your Colors

When you first start thinking about colors, you might immediately think about painted walls. A home office fit-out should ultimately make you happy, so think about what you like and want.

You could opt for brighter colors, such as yellow or green. MarthaStewart.com recommends some of the top home office colors. However, deeper colors work well if you’re planning on having lighter furniture. Think carefully about any theme you want to achieve, such as more casual, professional or matching the rest of your home. Ideally, try to make your home office look different from the rest of your home to better separate it as a work space.

3. Carpet Or Hardwood

Both carpet and hardwood make great choices for your home office fit-out flooring. Carpet keeps your office quieter, especially if you’re rolling around in a chair. However, it’s much harder to keep clean. Hardwood as a more professional and classic look. It can also help set off your desk and cabinets.

4. Choose Your Layout

Study Cabinets The Creative Addition To Your Home OfficeYour home office layout might not seem important just yet, but if you’re having custom office cabinets installed, you’ll need to know the best place to put them for your own convenience. Another thing is figuring out outlet placement and if you need to add any outlets. For example, if you want your desk in the far right corner, but the nearest outlet on the opposite wall, you’re not going to want to have a drop cord run across the room.

Design your layout before moving in any furniture. If you need to make changes, especially to lighting, how the door opens and outlets, it’s much easier to do now than later.

5. Think About Your Desk

Your desk is the focal point of your home office. The sky’s the limit on the possibilities of where you want it and how you want it to look. Your desk should help you stay organized and focused. It can be free-standing in the center of the room or placed against a wall. It could even be built into your cabinets.

While you can buy desks, consider a custom-built desk to get the exact size and features you want. For instance, if you’re low on space, your chair may fold up completely into the desk.

6. Add-In Custom Cabinets

This is a must-have for a great home office fit-out. Custom cabinets not only look great, but add personality and extra storage to your office. Instead of picking stock cabinets, opt for custom cabinets that make your home office easier to use. For instance, the right cabinets can reduce cord clutter, display awards, offer hidden storage, feature note boards and much more.

Take the time to carefully design the home office cabinets you want. It’s okay to get creative. After all, this is your office.

7. Maximize The Space

Having a huge home office is nice, but what if you’re low on space? We’ve provided a guide on how to get the most from your office space. In this case, your home office fit-out might trend more vertically. For instance, you might have a few ceiling lights, but no lamps. You’d have cabinets that go from floor-to-ceiling versus more spread out. Odds are, your desk and cabinets are likely going to be made together to make the most of your space.

Your dream home office fit-out can begin today. All it takes is a little planning to get started. When you’re ready, contact us to help design the perfect desk/cabinet combos and custom cabinets for your new office.

Image: Kirkandmimi