Does your child’s room look like it should be declared an official disaster area? Does there never seem to be enough room for everything?

No matter how much stuff your child might have or how little space there is, incorporating fun kids room storage design ideas helps to transform the space.

With a few storage hacks, you can finally find a clear path, just still watch out for those pesky Legos that seem to jump out of nowhere.

1. Color-Coded Storage Bins/Baskets

Add a small or large cabinet along a wall or in a corner. Section off blocks to place color-coded storage bins (cloth or plastic) or baskets. Label each bin with a type of toy or item. Then, all a child has to do is grab the right bin, dump all the appropriate items in and put it back. While they might still balk at cleaning up after playing, you’ll love how clean it looks when they’re done. Plus, it adds some bright color to the room.

2. Build Vertical Cubbies

Sometimes, kids room storage seems impossible when the room’s small. However, you still have some vertical space to work with. Floor-to-ceiling cubbies work for both storage and decorations. Use baskets or bins to store items out of sight and use open cubbies to showcase trophies, pictures or favorite toys. If you have space, you can even add two floor-to-ceiling cubbies with a bench in the middle. This is a great place to sit and play or read. Plus, the bench can double as extra storage.

3. Add A Play Desk

Never underestimate the storage possibilities of a desk. You don’t need a traditional desk. Instead, install custom cabinets or even a custom cabinet island, much like a kitchen island. One cabinet will be a pull-out chair to easily store the chair when it’s not in use. Then, you’ll have cabinets to either side, which can be drawers or standard cabinets. If you want to go vertical, add a row of cabinets above and let your child hang a few toys or play accessories from the bottom for easy access.

4. Separate The Room

Imagine if you could combine kids room storage and separate the room into two parts at the same time. Now, you can! Whether you’re separating the room to give two kids their own space or just to separate a play area and sleep area, cabinets in the middle of the room will do the trick.

A row of base cabinets from the wall to wall, with a door wide space in the middle, allows your child to have shelves or cabinets for storage and adds some separation. For more privacy, you can use floor-to-ceiling cabinets instead of just base cabinets.

5. Create Play-Themed Storage

This might sound kind of vague, but the idea is to build shelves or cabinets that resemble something your child loves to do. For instance, if your kid loves cars, you might build a tall cabinet with doors that look like car doors and tires for handles. If your child loves dolls, you can build a shelving unit that looks like a large open dollhouse.

6. Get Rid Of The Bottom Bunk

Bunk beds aren’t just for sleeping. If you get rid of the bottom bed, you have an entire space to work with for storage. Adding drawers, cubbies, baskets or even a desk with a few cabinets helps to turn that bottom bed into the perfect place for storage and play.

7. Floating Shelves/Boxes

Kids room storage doesn’t have to be bland. Add some custom floating shelves or boxes. Wall-mounted crates actually work well for this. They can be placed in patterns for extra storage and decoration. Paint them to match your child’s favorite color, toy, TV character or whatever else they may be into.

8. Store Where They Sit

There are limitless possibilities for this one. A few creative ideas include:

  • Storage ottomans with fuzzy or beanbag style seat cushions
  • Using wooden boxes for seats and storage
  • Using crates with wheels to store items and travel around the room
  • Benches with hidden storage
  • Stools with shelves
  • Larger ottomans with storage and a large space for sitting stuffed animals, shoes or clothes for the next day

Chairs don’t have to just take up space. They also help you gain space when they double as storage.

Ready to transform your child’s room? Contact us today to learn about our custom cabinets that help add fun kids room storage for your little ones.

Image: Victoria_Borodinova