hidden outlets-edgewood cabinetry

When planning a refresh of a kitchen or bath, keep small details in mind.

Often, something as unassuming as a power outlet or switch that “sticks out like a sore thumb” will have a negative impact on the finished product.

With creative thinking and current design innovations, there is no need to sacrifice functionality when it comes to placement of electrical outlets and wall plates. Hiding plugs and switches is no longer relegated to just using color coordinated covers.

For the visual aesthetic purist, lowering these electrical components onto the backsplash, and even turning them horizontally makes them less distracting. This tactic also keeps the power cords lower to the counter and less visible.

When planning a new space, consider the addition of an appliance garage, equipped with multiple outlets. These areas keep daily use equipment handy and hidden simultaneously.

Custom crafted cabinetry easily camouflage outlets by integrating them into carved design elements. Placing them inside drawers or under counters and islands reclaims valuable “real estate” and removes any vestige of cords and plugs from sight.

Try grouping switches all together  to allow for a single placement of a “power center”. Include a docking station and embed the design into a small pull out cabinet or behind a false drawer front.

Now you see them, now you don’t. Your choices are limited only by your imagination. Contact us when you are ready to redesign, remodel or renovate your kitchen or bath.

We have a full line of cabinetry, with every budget in mind, that can easily accommodate your ideas.