Have you thought about creating a walk-in closet in your bedroom or other part of the house lately?

While you might think walk-in closets are common, not everyone has one. Perhaps you think you don’t have room for such a thing, even though it doesn’t have to be exclusively in a bedroom closet. The good news for you is that you don’t need a lot of room to make an excellent walk-in closet full of storage space to get you better organized.

Here at Edgewood Cabinetry, we’re experts in creating shelving and other storage devices in places that don’t have to be roomy. It doesn’t take a lot of wide-open space to create decent storage in a walk-in closet. It doesn’t matter if you convert an entire room into a walk-in closet or even a former tiny bathroom.

What kind of storage ideas can we design for you in a closet created for ease of use?

Different Forms of Shelving

We can create any type of shelving you need in a walk-in closet, including angled shelves for placing shoes. There isn’t anything better than walking into a closet and being able to see your entire shoe collection or other common items on one shelf so you can grab them instantly. This eliminates the need to have to use hangers for everything in a cramped closet.

Wood varieties are extensive when it comes to shelving, and we can use different types of finishes to bring a color that matches the surroundings. Regardless, shelves can be painted any color you want, giving a chance to add true style and aesthetic value if you regularly take visitors into your walk-in closet.

Pull-Out Storage Units

Sometimes you don’t want everything out in the open in a walk-in-closet. After all, you don’t want overly personal items sitting there for display if you have guests over on a regular basis. Pull-out storage units can be made with the illusion of not looking obstructive, yet can be made with deep storage space inside to hold dozens of small items.

We build these type of storage units regularly for not only walk-in closets, but also bathrooms and bedrooms. They can be constructed so when you open them, they open quietly to eliminate them sounding like opening a cave door.

Storage Bins

If you want storage that’s portable, we can even create wooden storage bins to place on your walk-in closet shelves. These can be easily labeled in a way that organizes your clothes like never before. One good idea is using each bin as your seasonal fashion choices. When you need to move those items somewhere else, the bins are light enough where you can easily transport them to another room.

Storage Niches

Wooden niches are becoming a popular choice that we’ve been building for our clients. These can work just as well in a walk-in closet and made in a variety of ways. Not all niches have to be embedded into a wall and can still be made as an open shelving unit. With an enclosed space on the sides, they’re great for storing things like jeans or bed linens.

These are just some of the storage ideas you can implement into a walk-in closet using our cabinetry designs. Contact us here at Edgewood Cabinetry so we can work with you on designing what you truly want in your walk-in closet and finally bring some organization to your life. And we can accommodate other storage units throughout your home with the beautiful look of real wood.