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Custom Bathroom Cabinets and Modern Vanities Raleigh

Custom cabinets bathroom vanityWhen you remodel your bathroom, it’s not just your chance to style it how you want to, it’s your chance to increase functionality and make it the perfect bathroom.

Custom cabinets and vanities allow you to get the exact layout and features you want that will fit perfectly into your bathroom. No more picking out what you think will fit best, you don’t have to settle at all with custom cabinetry.

Beyond just your cabinets we will help you choose from a variety of tiles, sinks, showers/tubs, and lighting. We have the experience and knowledge to work with you to match your style and taste to create a bathroom retreat that is functional, energy-efficient and is an added value to your home. We have done work in a truly massive number of bathrooms.

Edgewood Custom Cabinetry will work with you, your budget and your ideas to create that spa-like retreat you’re always wanted, or we can simply update cabinets, fixtures, and paint for you.

Choosing The Perfect Custom Bathroom Vanity

Double sink custom vanityChoosing the right bathroom vanity is not as straightforward as one would think. It is important to consider your reasons for wanting a new vanity and basing your selection on your specific needs.

The appearance of your new vanity is certainly important, but its functionality is also extremely important. That’s why going custom built is the way to go, which ensures high-quality and that you get what you’re looking for at the end of the day.

One thing to consider is who is primarily going to be using the bathroom. If the bathroom will be used by two people who may use a sink at the same time, it is likely a good idea to install a vanity with double sinks instead of one.

Plan Your Bathroom Layout Carefully

Of course, this will increase the size of the vanity considerably and that’s why you need to plan it out carefully. However, if the vanity will be used by you only, the upside is that you can spend more on style and features that you want.

How you are going to use your vanity is also an important consideration. If you or someone else will be using the vanity to do makeup and hair, then you may want to consider creating a vanity that has more counter space and storage options. If you’ll be mainly using it for anything else, you can of course plan for that and customize to meet your specific needs.

Custom cabinets custom vanities raleigh nc

If you’re not sure where your actual plumbing is located, make note of it next time you do any work on your bathroom. If you are doing a complete renovation of your bathroom and moving the plumbing, then make sure you take that into consideration. Moving the plumbing in a bathroom can be costly and extend the duration of the project so you do want to avoid it unless it’s something that you need to do.

Custom master bathroom remodel

The plumbing in your bathroom can also have a say in the type of vanity you can choose, so depending on your end-goal you just may be better off moving the plumbing to begin with.

Many bathrooms have plumbing that comes through the floor and if your bathroom has this, then you will be relegated to selecting a floor-mounted vanity. If you wanted a wall-mounted vanity, you would have to move the plumbing around to accommodate it.

When Choosing a Vanity, Consider the Toilet and Door too!

You have an endless variety of vanity styles to choose from, however, it is important to consider the location of the toilet and the swing of the bathroom door. These are the types of things that are often overlooked, then once a job is done you realize you can’t open or close your bathroom door anymore because your countertop or something else is in the way. Don’t let this happen to you, test placement as you go along so you can avoid these problems long before they begin. Even just bumping your door into the vanity every time gets old and annoying, nobody wants to have to deal with that.

Newcustom bathroom vanity construction

Also, if the vanity you choose is bigger than the previous one, make sure that it doesn’t encroach on your toilet too much

Additionally, if your shower or bath has doors that swing out, take that into account as well. You just want to avoid any collisions as much as you can to prevent damage or accidents.

If it’s a high-traffic bathroom you need to make sure your vanity is easy to use for all. Again, don’t be afraid to constantly measure and double-check to ensure you have everything fitting how you want it to, you won’t regret it down the road.

If you start with the desired size in mind that can make the selection and design process a lot easier for you.

Vanity Custom Storage – Doors and Drawers

One of the main reasons people install a new vanity is for more storage space and a place to put all of your essential bathroom goods. The only real limitation is the size of your bathroom itself, we can utilize as much space as possible for your vanity and counter space.

Master bathroom remodel

Also, sometimes the plumbing in the wall can take up some space inside the vanity, which will have to be considered. For example, the placement of the plumbing may prohibit a drawer in that area of the vanity. Just a point to consider.

Custom vanities custom bathroom cabinets

This brings up another point. Bathroom vanities typically have either doors or drawers. This is another thing that you need to ensure aren’t swinging into or opening into other things in your bathroom. It’s all about getting that layout right so you can fit all the things you want where you want them. That’s part of the greatness of a custom vanity, it’s exactly what you want exactly where you want it

The Bathroom Sink

People can spend a lot of time choosing the right faucet for their vanity because they are a very visible part of the vanity, bu tit is also important to consider the sink too. There are a wide variety of bowls and sinks to choose from and sometimes the type of sink or bowl you choose from can narrow down your choices for a vanity.

Some people determiner first how much counter space they want to have and use that to help choose how big of a sink they want. There are various styles of sinks to choose from such under-mount sinks and sinks with vessels and even all in one sinks. The type of sink you choose can determine the type of vanity you select.

Materials for a Custom Vanity

For some people, this can be an important consideration when choosing a vanity. Again, consider the people who will be using the vanity. If someone will be applying makeup, you will want a vanity top that can repel harsh stains. Additionally, some materials are better suited to warm climates than others, so be sure to take that into account also.


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