Laundry & Mudroom Custom Cabinets

Combine functionality and elegance with your custom designed & built mudroom…

Get Real Use out of your Custom Laundry and Mud Room

Mud Room CabinetsLaundry and mudrooms can serve multiple purposes with the addition of custom built-in cabinets, utility sinks, washer, and dryer. You can almost think of them as utility rooms, they can serve any number of purposes you need them to. 

Ideally, you’ll have things in there to help to simplify your household chores, store sports gear and school supplies, cleaning supplies, shoes, jackets, and even function as a grooming center for your family pets. It’s a great place for putting things that you don’t want to misplace, if you know it’s always there then it’ll be much harder for you to misplace it.

Think of a mudroom as a filter for the rest of your house, you keep all the dirt and clutter out there so that you don’t have to deal with it in other areas of your house! If you don’t have a mudroom or multi-purpose mudroom of the sort, it’s a fantastic add-on to look into! It adds tremendous value to any home and is a huge selling point to any family with children or just a lot of clutter they need to organize. 

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Mudroom cabinets can turn an ordinary laundry room into an elegant yet very functional and well-used part of the house. They work as a fantastic general filter to your home, a place for all the junk and extra stuff to go. When it comes to mudrooms, there are several options you can utilize to enhance the overall appearance and functionality of the room. Say you want to have a bench or two installed – you can have storage space under that’s great to use. Some mudroom cabinetry even have lockers or storage areas for each member of the house to drop off their things. This is particularly helpful for those households with children in the house so that their shoes, boots, coats and such do not get intermingled and all confused. 

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Mudrooms are Not New in Raleigh Area Homes

Mudrooms have come in many different shapes and sizes but they all ultimately serve the same purpose. Mudrooms can be called something different depending on what part of the country you are in, but not much differs from there. They function as an entrance to your home where everyone can leave their stuff, as well as keeping out dirt and grime. As great as they are, you’d be surprised at how many people have never had the pleasure of having a mudroom in their Raleigh home. 

Location wise, the mudroom is generally going to be between the home itself and the outside, almost like an airlock is to a space ship. Some are fully separated from the home, while others are truly connected and part of the house. So some are not heated or cooled, while others are air-conditioned and are heated in the colder months. If you play sports it’s the perfect place to store your equipment, you can grab it and go directly outside.

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The overall purpose of a mudroom is to allow people to come in, sit down and remove boots, shoes, and jackets before entering the main house. The mudroom really shows its worth when its wet and rainy or freezing cold out. During rainy days, all wet jackets and shoes can be left in the mudroom so you don’t have to worry about water getting all over your home, and wet snow gear can be hung up in the proper places to dry. When kids come home from school, they can hang up their backpacks and keep all of that clutter out of the house just like that. With custom mudroom cabinetry designed and built by Edgewood Cabinetry, you can have high-quality mudroom cabinetry built to take some use and abuse.

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Customize Your Mudroom for your Family

With custom-designed mudroom cabinetry, stations can be installed for each member of the family, including storage, hooks for hanging clothing, and a shelf or two for additional storage for items such as gloves, hats, or even sunglasses. A storage area can be assigned for each member of the family which can also double as a seat so that people can sit down while taking their boots and shoes off to really ensure that mess stays OUT of the house. This keeps everything separate but organized still.

In the past, mudrooms were typically a section of the traditional farmhouse, such as a back porch that had a chest or box to contain boots and a place to sit down to remove muddy shoes, boots, and clothing. This way the farmer could do some basic clean-up before entering the house and keep most of the mud and dirt out of the main house, meaning less work later. This seemingly small step goes a very long way towards keeping your home cleaner and more in order. It’s hard to appreciate the difference it can make if you haven’t experienced it yourself. Just wait until you have 3 young children running inside after a storm, being able to stop that mess in its tracks it a true blessing. 

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Modern houses take this basic concept a little bit further. They tend to be used primarily for children so that they can keep snow, mud and water out of the main house. It also helps keep the house organized and orderly, which can be helpful in a household with children. A mudroom with custom cabinetry can be particularly useful since it can be custom designed specifically for your home and family.

Over time the mudroom has gone from serving one specific purpose to being a general-purpose area of the home. For a while, mudrooms were just back porches, patios and decks, but now they have come inside and are actually desired additions to many modern homes. Even if it be for a reason as simple as you’re tired of losing things all over your house because you have nowhere to put them, mudrooms are great. You’re a lot less likely to lose your stuff when you consistently put it in the same places. 

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Some people will build an addition to their home specifically for the mudroom. Then, with custom mudroom cabinetry, the room is transformed to a highly functional room that adds a touch of elegance to the entire house. One nice development in the area of mudrooms is that they are now also serving a dual-purpose, which is both as a mudroom and a laundry room. Some people not only install custom cabinets, but also sinks, washer & dryer, and more! It’s essentially your “extra” room to do all of your chores and extra stuff in if you want to. 

custom mudroom cabinets

Mudrooms can also serve as a decent storage area for sports equipment. Most sports equipment tends to be dirty and a mudroom can be a terrific way to keep the dirt and mud from sports equipment out of the house. People can even change out of their dirty sports gear and clothing in the mudroom to help keep the rest of the house clean.

We actually very highly recommend moving your washer and dryer to your mudroom. Then any dirty clothes that come in can go straight into the wash, no getting dragged all around the home. Typically it is quite easy to include some basic shelving and storage for laundry supplies to help keep the area organized. You can keep some extra clothes in there for convenience as well, keep anything in there that you may need to grab while outside so you don’t have to track back inside!

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Because the mudroom is this dirt and mud filter for your home, many people also use the room to groom their pets, such as their dogs. This is particularly helpful during the cold, winter months or when it is raining outside.

It is not uncommon for people to invest in the addition of a mudroom as part of a remodeling project. It serves as a perfect multipurpose room and with the addition of custom cabinets, shelves and storage in the mudroom by Edgewood Cabinetry, the whole house takes on a touch of elegance and style. This is why a mudroom can be a terrific investment that can provide a fantastic return on investment, we couldn’t recommend it more. 

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