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Do You Wish you Had a Custom Walk-in Closet?

Closet cabinets and shelvesWhile you might think walk-in closets are common, not everyone has one. They are certainly still a luxury for most people. One thing a walk-in is great for is keeping clutter out of your actual room, you can keep a lot of things in there and just close it whenever not using or you don’t want to see them.

The good news for you is that you don’t need a lot of room to make an excellent walk-in closet full of storage space to get you better organized. It’s important to have a closet that’s laid out and organized just how you like it, so you can sort out and find the things you need. One example a lot of us can relate to is shoes, simply having the storage you need for your shoes is a huge relief for a lot of people and really cuts down on clutter.

Custom closet cabinets are the biggest items in the room and Edgewood Cabinetry designs and build custom closet cabinets to be elegant, stylish and functional. Not only can custom closet cabinets add elegance and style to a closet, but they also serve an important purpose; providing valuable storage.

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Customized Storage For Your Raleigh Home

Everyone wants a custom closet designed specially to their needs and taste. Proper layout and design can play an important role in the use of your closet while also affecting the look and feel of the closet. Not having exactly what you want can be quite annoying and something that bothers you literally every day, as it’s hard to avoid using your closet.

A closet with custom storage makes a strong statement. Custom closet cabinets can quickly transform a cluttered closet into a modern, elegant one that is efficient, functional and stylish. For a lot of people it wouldn’t take much in terms of cabinets to give them the storage that they really need.

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Custom Closet Cabinetry

One nice thing about custom closet cabinets is that you can specify the size, materials, knobs, colors, trim and everything else involved in the overall layout and design of your new custom closet cabinets. Another factor to consider when installing new closet cabinets in your closet is storage. New closet cabinets can provide more storage and also a more effective manner of storing anything you need to store, such as dress shirts, dresses, robes, shoes and more.

home designThink about what you want to store in your new cabinets and what the new storage space will be used for. Do you want some of the cabinets to have taller shelf space for tall items you may have? You may also have some items that are long, so you may need to accommodate for those items.

It is also important to think about how your new closet cabinets will be used. Make sure you have enough room for all of your dresses, suits, jackets, robes and more. The last thing you want is to finish the job just to realize that when you hang up your dresses they’re sitting on the ground.

One of the biggest benefits of having custom cabinets is that they last much longer than the typical stock cabinets. The cabinets you buy at stores are often made of low-quality materials using little more than glue and nails or low-quality screws. Custom cabinets by Edgewood Cabinetry are made using high-quality wood and craftsmanship made specifically for your room.

When it comes to choices, you can’t beat the customization that comes with choosing your own design and style as opposed to selecting stock cabinets. You have a say in everything involved with the cabinets; the size, hardware, color, style, wood, and finish.

On top of that, you can determine the height, width, and depth of your new cabinets. If you have any special requirements for your cabinets, you can easily fit that into your specifications. This is just so far superior to hoping you find some kind of closet storage that’ll meet your needs.

With custom cabinets, you can make the most of the space you have. Often times, some of the most wasted space in a room are in the corners but custom cabinets can make the most of that space while also looking stylish and elegant. You can also design your cabinets to suit your needs, with your appliances, items and equipment having their own area.

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Custom designed closet cabinets built by Edgewood Cabinetry are built to last not only your lifetime, but can also serve as an heirloom piece to be handed down from generation to generation. We only use high-quality wood and materials on each and every piece we make. Combined with high-quality craftsmanship, you will have a masterpiece in your home, made just the way you want it.

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If you want custom cabinets for your home, there is no one better in the Raleigh area than Edgewood Custom Cabinetry. We provide you with a design built to your specifications and desires. Everything we design, build and install is done as if it were going to be done for ourselves or someone in our family. We don’t let a single thing leave the shop that we wouldn’t put in our own homes.

And rest assured, you have a say in everything from beginning to end, from the type of wood used, paint or stain, finish, knobs, everything.

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Add Value and Convenience to Your Home

With custom closet cabinets from Edgewood Cabinetry, you can make the most of the space you have in a room. We can custom design your cabinets to fit your room any way you want it. This can be particularly beneficial in rooms with unique dimensions as we can come up with the perfect design to take advantage of that layout.

Custom closet cabinets can add significant style and elegance to a closet that can contribute to the overall value of your home. So you get the benefit of having a top-of-the-line custom closet cabinet in your home that is built to order that adds quite a bit of perceived value to your home. Every prospective homeowner is going to appreciate walking into a beautiful walk-in closet, it could be your selling point.

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So next time you’re remodeling, why not think about having some work done in your closet? It could make a huge difference in your everyday routine.

If you are thinking about putting custom closet cabinets in one of your closets, don’t hesitate to call Edgewood Cabinetry. Pete Rafferty has over 30 years of experience custom designing cabinetry, including home offices, home libraries, bookcases, and desks. If you want a custom cabinet to perfectly complement your decor, there is no one better in the Raleigh area than Edgewood Cabinetry.

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