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Quality Custom Kitchen Cabinetry

custom-cabinets-and-mahogany-kitchen-island-Clayton-NCThe kitchen isn’t just where you cook your food, it’s the main gathering area in just about any home. Ideally, you want a kitchen that gives you easy access to the appliances and allows more than one person to cook without feeling like you are in a traffic jam. Being stuck in a cluttered kitchen is just irritating, and can lead to some serious frustration in the family.

You also want a kitchen that is warm and inviting and sends the message you welcome people into your home. A massive factor in all of this is your kitchen cabinets, on top of flooring that is stylish yet functional, countertops that are easy to clean yet classy, and backsplashes that add to the beauty of your home. You have a ton of potential and possibilities when it comes to customizing your kitchen and getting it to look the way you want it to.

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Custom Raleigh Kitchen Cabinets

Not only are nice cabinets the main focal point of a quality kitchen, but they are a horrible eyesore and annoyance if they look bad and just won’t work as well as you want. Stylish custom cabinets designed to fit the look of the rest of your kitchen are just unmatched. Proper layout and design can play an important role in the use of your kitchen while also affecting the look and feel of the kitchen.

A kitchen that has custom kitchen cabinets makes a bold statement and really sets the tone for the entire room. Custom cabinets can quickly transform an old, out-dated kitchen into a modern, elegant one that is efficient and stylish. You can choose different sizes, materials, knobs, colors, trim and everything else involved in the overall layout and design of your new cabinets.

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Plan out Your Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Before you install new cabinets, consider the reasons for upgrading. Ask yourself, what is wrong with your current kitchen cabinets?

  • Do you want a different color?
  • Do you want a different style?
  • Do you want more storage?
  • Do you just need better general functionality?

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Kitchen Cabinet Storage

Another factor to consider when installing new cabinets in your kitchen is storage. New cabinets can provide the extra storage you need, even offering you places to store more oddly shaped things. Think about what you want to store in your new cabinets and what the new storage space will be used for. Do you want some of the cabinets to have taller shelf space for things like tall cereal boxes? Perhaps some room to easily store tall kitchen appliances? Do you need some deep shelves? Custom shelving means you can store any and everything you need.

Clayton Kitchen Cabinet Organization

It is also important to think about how your new cabinets will be used. You may want to have racks in some of the cabinets while having slide-out shelves in other cabinets. Also, consider having cabinet doors that close softly, and a slide-out holder for hanging pots and pans. Other popular storage options include a cabinet specifically for a trash bin or a wine rack. This is all to say that you really do have a ton of options.

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Benefits of Custom Kitchen Cabinets

You probably use your kitchen cabinets every day, or at least close to it. Beautiful, long-lasting cabinets set the tone for the entire kitchen, the most used room in the house. One of the biggest benefits of having custom kitchen cabinets is that they last much longer than the typical stock cabinets. That longevity in itself is a great selling point for your Clayton, NC home. These are often made of low-quality materials using simple screws and glue. Custom cabinets are made using high-quality wood and craftsmanship made specifically for your kitchen. They aren’t going to be going anywhere anytime soon.

kitchen remodel kitchen cabinetsWhen it comes to choices, you can’t beat the customization that comes with choosing your own design and style as opposed to selecting stock kitchen cabinets. You have a say in everything involved with the cabinets; the hardware, color, style, wood, and finish.

On top of that, you can determine the height, width, and depth of your new cabinets. If you have any special requirements for your cabinets, you can easily fit that into your specifications. With stock cabinets, you have to make do with what you have and that just doesn’t work.

With custom cabinets, you can make the most of the space you have. Often times, some of the most wasted space in stock kitchen cabinets are in the corners but custom cabinets can make the most of that space while also looking stylish and elegant. You can also design your kitchen cabinets to suit your needs, with your appliances, dished and utensils having their own area. As a result, you can have the counter space that you have always wanted. We work hard to make sure you have every single useable inch that you can have.

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Added value: There is no question that installing custom kitchen cabinets adds value to your home. So, you get the best of both worlds; a kitchen that looks fantastic and that provides a good return on your investment.

Choosing Raleigh Custom Kitchen Cabinets

Picking out the right kitchen cabinet for your home can be somewhat stressful. With so many styles and and designs to choose from, it can be hard to even get started. It’s best to start by just coming up with your needs, and figure out how to meet those needs from there.

There are a few things to consider when you get started. One of the most important choices is the cabinet doors. The cabinet doors are the first thing people see when they enter a kitchen. Some doors have a glass insert while others are flat. You can choose several styles of wood and paint colors as well.

Kitchen cabinet wood: The type of wood you choose is very important and involves more than just choosing a light or dark wood. It is more suitable to apply paint, lacquer to less expensive wood and unthinkable to paint over very expensive wood, such as mahogany or cherry.

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Cabinetry can turn an outdated room into a more efficient and stylish space. Customization allows for unique sizes, materials, and designs, something that is truly yours. Prefabricated pieces can’t even begin to compare to the custom pieces we put out, they are not near the same quality and you will learn that after both long and short-term use.

Some people like to run through a checklist of requirements before contacting a local custom cabinet company. Many people just give us a call to help them with the process. We can help you come up with a concept from start to finish, or if you already know what you want we can get right to bring your vision from paper to reality.

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