Does your laundry room need to be more organized? If you are like most homeowners, the answer is probably yes! Laundry rooms by definition should be highly functional spaces where the weekly care of clothes can be done efficiently. Yet in many homes it is a high traffic area that also serves as a dumping spot for family members, adding chaos to what is already a cramped and cluttered space. Sadly most people tend to invest a minimum of their home improvement budget on their laundry room.
Here are some ideas for organizing your laundry room:
Allocate space for a mud room set-up. If your laundry room is also the family entrance, create storage by the door to organize the family’s stuff–outer wear, keys, backpacks, umbrellas. That way everyone knows where to leave things upon entry, and where to get them with they leave.
Create adequate storage.  The smaller your space is, the more organized it has to be. Invest in wall to wall cabinets to get organized. Assign storage space for laundry supplies, kits for minor sewing repairs and shoe care. Designate a “lost sock” drawer and a “lost and found” basket for items found in pockets.
Raise your washer and dryer off the floor. Go easy on your back by installing washer/dryer pedestals with built-in storage. If you have limited space, consider stacking your washer and dryer (this only works for front-loading machines!)
Have a storage solution for your ironing board. A closet with a pull-out mechanism for your ironing board is neat and efficient. Or lacking space, get creative with a couple of decorative heavy-duty hooks and hang your board off the wall. To hang clothes for air drying or to hold freshly ironed shirts, mount a tension rod or a towel rack under some shelving. A retractable clothes line is a good option for smaller spaces.
Beyond function… If you’re one of the the lucky ones who have a lot of space in their laundry room, why not elevate a weekly chore to a pleasant experience? Perhaps you have space for a desk or a sewing table. A built-in entertainment center might seem like the height of luxury–but what better place to watch the morning soap, or catch up on the news?
With some thought and a little investment, you can transform your laundry room into the efficient, well-organized space you deserve. We can help you design custom storage and cabinets for your laundry room. Contact us for a free quote, or for more information.