There is no doubt about it. Recycled glass countertops become the focal point in a kitchen or bath. The visual impact is powerful and textural; a combination that certainly gives you a big bang for your money.

Pieces of glass or porcelain, blended with cement or acrylic, give a mosaic-like finish that compliments almost every design style. The result is a stand-out, one of a kind adornment. These counters are the jewelry of the room. Like a beautiful statement necklace, so to speak, they never fail to become the center of attention in any space.

While acrylic and resin based units are relatively maintenance free, acidic liquids (wine, lemon, tomato) can scar and pit cement based counters. They require periodic sealing to protect their beauty.

Although not yet mainstream, technology and a growing concern for “green living” is bringing recycled glass countertops front and center.

Suitable for traditional, contemporary, or any style in between, the finished product is as unique and colorful as your imagination.

We have nothing but praises for the finished look of a surface that beautiful, vibrant, durable, and sustainable. Can you tell we really love this stuff? Unsure if this option is right for you? Check out Houzz for photos and design ideas.

Sorry, installing this type of counter this is most definitely not a do-it-yourself project. Once you source the product that will best serve your needs, contact us if you need help in locating a local fabricator to do the necessary measuring and installation.