clayton nc-master bath-edgewood cabinetry

The days of boring cabinets are over.

There are so many options now for color and finishes. Whether you want modern, contemporary or rustic, there are beautiful options for you.

Here is A Quick Explanation Of Finish Options and Distressing:

For the more modern folk, high gloss cabinets and drawers are an option as well as the exact opposite being matte finished cabinets. Usually, both styles have little to no detail, boasting clean, sleek lines. Another popular style is having two toned cabinets. The top cabinets are a different color from the bottom cabinets but both have the same finish on them to tie it all together. Both styles give a more clean, colder feel.

Glazing Cabinets

A popular trend in the contemporary kitchens has been outlining the details and lines of the cabinets. If you are not familiar with that look, it’s simply the regular color of the cabinet (usually a natural wood color or white) and it looks as though a dark, oily substance has been rubbed along the lines and curves. This type of style is usually left with a natural finish not glossy. The style could be made to feel contemporary or rustic, depending on the surrounding kitchen decor.

Distressing Cabinets

For a more rustic look, kitchens have been indulging in the trend of distressing. It is becoming more and more popular with cabinets, islands and kitchen tables. Distressing is when you take new or finished furniture and purposefully distress them to look old and worn. This look is usually achieved by sanding down the finished or painted wood to expose its natural grain and color. People also intentionally add dents and scratches to again, give it that worn look. This style is also not finished with a high gloss. Distressed wood gives a kitchen a warm, earthy, old-world charm feel.

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