over the toilet-edgewood cabinetry

All bathrooms have unused space for storage.  It’s up to the homeowner to use as much of it as possible.  Something rarely thought about as an option for storage is the toilet.  There are two types of bath furniture cabinetry: standing or free-standing.

Freestanding toilet cabinets are simply cabinets above the toilet.  It’s like kitchen cabinets but above the toilet instead of above the stove or countertop. There’s enough space between the toilet and the cabinet for the toilet to function. Choose between open shelving, a cabinet, or a combination. It has a rectangular or square shape coming in various materials, textures, styles, colors, and lengths. Buy one from a company or have it custom-made. All freestanding cabinets connect to the wall.

Standing toilet cabinets are cabinets with wooden legs. In addition to cabinets, it comes with either open shelving or a combination of the two. Storage is above the wooden legs as the wooden legs provide enough space for the toilet to fit.  Because of the wooden legs, a cabinet doesn’t need the wall to function. The rectangular design comes in varying colors, materials, textures, styles, and lengths. You can buy one or order one customized.

What needs consideration before installation is the space around the toilet. Most arrangements place toilets near the back of the bathroom very close to the back wall.

  1. Measure the length from the top of the toilet to the ceiling with measuring tape.
  2. Measure the width from one edge to the other. “Edges” are a corner, vanity, bath/shower combo, mirror, or a window.
  3. Pick a cabinet that is smaller than the length x width space.
  4. Leave a space between the top of the toilet and the cabinet bottom in case a plumber may need to fix the toilet in the future.
  5. Look at the height of the mirror and make sure the cabinet matches the height. If the cabinet is above mirror height, make sure the result doesn’t look awkward.
  6. Cabinets either install or stand in front of the wall. However, consider the inside of the wall to save space. Is there enough room to place the cabinet inside the wall?

If you’re having trouble choosing an over-the-toilet cabinet that matches the rest of the bathroom, we offer matching vanities.  A toilet cabinet and matching vanity set turn the bathroom into a cohesive unit.  There are also matching toilets and cabinets sets for purchase where the top of the toilet doubles as countertop space.  Regardless of what you choose, both sell as one large piece or separate matching pieces.  Vanities and toilet cabinet sets come in various colors, sizes, styles, materials and textures.  There is also the option of custom making a vanity and/or over-the-toilet cabinet pieces.

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