Edgewood Cabinetry-Gray Vanity

While there’s an overly popular book and future movie called 50 Shades of Gray, it’s an easy metaphorical title for the wide palette of colors possible on kitchen cabinets.

But though you have multiple colors beyond just grey, the latter color can do you a lot of good in certain situations. Being judicious is the key in choosing the right color for cabinets. Even though colors are easily changeable over time, it’s important to put the color you choose in the proper context with everything else in your kitchen or other room.

What should you do first before choosing a favorite color you’ve always wanted? You may find out a different color would work better from what you intended.

Examining Other Colors Around Your Kitchen or Room

You may not have paid attention to the other colors in your kitchen lately, but it’s important you do so you match them with your cabinet color. The general rule is that if you have overly bright colors in your kitchen, it’s not a good idea to make your cabinets the same color. After all, the kitchen is usually the most used room in your house, and guests will see those colors on a regular basis. Having mismatched or overly busy colors may annoy your guests so much; they may not want to spend time there with you.

When you have bright colors elsewhere, neutral colors work the best for cabinets. And it’s here where grey is a perfect color for balance and making a room look larger. Many people mix similar tones with grey to experiment with different hues. Beige, in particular, creates an excellent gray shade that offsets brighter colors.

White is also popular in making a room look brighter and less claustrophobic. This is essential if you use darker colors in the other parts of the room, or if you don’t have a lot of windows for natural light.

Proper Colors for Larger Spaces

Darker colors on cabinets are usually best for larger kitchens and rooms. It’s still amazing that colors affect us so much psychologically, yet darker colors make smaller rooms look even smaller. This perception is again amended by using neutral colors.
We have many customers who prefer the neutrals when it comes to cabinet colors. However, we’ll provide whatever you prefer, even if you want something bright and exotic. Color combinations are very common, and we’ll work with you if you want a two-toned color on your cabinets. It’s easy to compromise on bright and neutral colors by combining them.

Contact us this winter here at Edgewood Cabinetry and we’ll work with you on building cabinets for you, plus finding the right color that suits your entire family.