When designing or remodeling a kitchen, you’ll want to ensure you make use of every available bit of storage space. For corner cabinets, this requires some additional planning if you are to ensure that space is used wisely. Here are some corner cabinet solutions you can use in order to maximize the space while still having cabinets that are attractive and functional.

Lazy Susan-This is perhaps one of the first solutions that come to mind when people think about corner cabinets. A lazy Susan is a device that turns inside of a cabinet, thereby making it easy to reach things that are far in the back of them. This solution can be ideal for cabinets that are

Lemans-Similar to a lazy Susan, a Lemans contains various shelves that pull out from inside the cabinet. They are excellent for storing everything from pots and pans to dishes on.

Magic Corner-These types of cabinets have shelves attached to their door, which is then opened by pulling it outward. Some space can also be left inside the cabinet as well. This type of storage works well for storing cookware, bakeware, and small appliances.

Corner Drawers-Appear to be a set of drawers on either side of a corner, but are actually attached to one another. As a result, each drawer contains a great deal of extra space that would not be available if they were single drawers. This type of storage can be excellent for holding linens, small appliances, and cookbooks.

These are but a few of the ideas you can use to maximize corner space in your kitchen. For even more ideas, contact us.