Baby Boomers are bursting onto the scene and are changing the face- and lifestyle patterns- of the ‘senior market’. Many of today’s active seniors are making the choice to age in place rather than move to an assisted living or retirement community. Preparations for an active retirement lifestyle should also come with preparations of the home to adjust for physical changes that inevitably occur.
A growing trend in retirement planning is making alterations to the home before the actual need arises. Some homeowners will make drastic, expensive changes such as replacing the standard bath tub/shower with a walk-in (or if needed, wheelchair accessible) entrance; others install a ramp to replace or accompany a stairway entrance to the home. Mid-priced makeovers may incorporate changes to shower and bath faucets and entry door handles. Installation of alarm or voice communication systems also is a popular choice for safety-conscious seniors. Often, some of the best investments for quality of life come in the least expensive places…
Everyday activities that require repetitive motions can be difficult enough, but when you add debilitating factors of aging such as arthritis these tasks can become a dreaded part of the routine. Consider the cabinetry found in most homes and you will see that they most likely were installed with small metal or plastic knobs. When fingers and hands become arthritic these knobs can be difficult to grasp- some clever inventors have gone so far as to create devices that will grasp and pull them for the user who can no longer get their fingers to bend to that extent. A simple, effective solution is to replace the smaller knobs with ergonomically designed knobs or pulls.
Knobs vs Pulls…Function does not have to compromise style. Quality knobs and pulls can increase efficiency, reduce fatigue and pain, and still keep the kitchen and bathroom looking beautiful. When considering a knob versus a pull, there are a few things to keep in mind:

  • Pull sizes are specified three ways: overall length, distance between holes and projection.
  • Select a pull for add functionality. Pulls are ideal for drawers that might contain heavy pots, pans or pantry items.
  • Mount horizontally on center to kitchen cabinet drawers and vertically in the upper corner of base cabinet doors on the unhinged side.


  • Knobs are specified two or three ways depending on style: diameter of knob, projection and/or diameter of base.
  • Select cabinet knobs that look proportional to the size of the kitchen cabinet doors.
  • Kitchen cabinet knobs are often installed on the lower corner of wall cabinets on the unhinged side. On base cabinets knobs are often installed in the upper corner on the unhinged side of the cabinet door.

Making improvements or adjustments to your home- at any stage of life- can be a time to increase the function of your cabinetry. Edgewood Cabinetry is proud to offer products from Hafele that will exceed your expectations of functionality and style. When you contact us we will be happy to work with you to make your cabinets meet your expectations for improving your quality of life.