We’ve had a lot of experience speaking with homeowners, and the lack of space or organization, and the abundance of clutter are the top complaints about kitchens.

The pantry is a great solution to this problem, but it usually requires some tweaking. Custom touches will make your pantry more user-friendly, solving many of your kitchen woes.

Many kitchens come outfitted with one tall cabinet that is perfect for a pantry. Sometimes, because of its height, it becomes a broom closet or a largely unused space due to its lack of purpose. These tall cabinets provide ample square footage that can transform your kitchen into your new favorite space.

First, adjustable shelves are a priority. These are the single best investment in using all your space wisely. You can have a larger space for big items like cereal boxes and move shelves closer together to make space for smaller canned goods. A special organizer will help you keep spices from tipping over and rolling away, and a custom holder will provide a home for foil, plastic wrap, and wax paper.

Have you ever taken everything off your counter to clean it and wish it could look that way all the time? A pantry with pull-out shelves is the perfect home for all those countertop appliances that you don’t actually want on your countertop. Toasters, coffee makers, blenders, slow-cookers, and can openers can be quickly brought out when needed, and easily put back in the pantry with custom shelves that provide space and function when placed on roller brackets.

Pull-out shelves can also help you find many of your food items faster too, saving you time when preparing meals. And because you’re not reaching behind other things to find what you’re looking for, other items won’t be knocked over or shoved aside, keeping your pantry more organized.

Many homes don’t have one of these tall cabinets, but a closet, instead. Whether the closet was intended to be a pantry or you want to transform a broom closet or coat closet into kitchen storage space, custom shelving and organizational aids can make that space into a useful pantry. To make it blend in with the current kitchen cabinetry, some people go so far as to remove the door and casing, and add a frame and doors that match the rest of the kitchen cabinetry. It’s a relatively simple change that gives your kitchen an upscale look with a custom touch.

If your current kitchen pantry just isn’t working for you, some simple changes can make it more efficient and usable. Custom shelves and organizers can turn your storage area into a space you can be proud of. For more information, contact us.