pull out shelves-edgewood cabinetry

When planning to remodel your kitchen there is always a certain tension between the desire to maximize the square footage of the room and to produce a space that offers a greater ease of use. Indeed, the “form vs function” debate has long raged in architecture and home design. Ultimately, however, there is no universal answer to this question: each particular project must engage with it pragmatically in order to best use the space available.

In the case of remodellings, this tension is neatly bound up in the decision of whether or not to choose pull-out shelves for your kitchen cabinets.

On one hand, pull-out shelves offer a stylish convenience. Items can be neatly arranged and, when pulled out, almost find themselves on display. On the other hand, such shelves must clear any obstacles in their way, such as cabinet doors or appliances, such that they are able to pull out freely. Also, depending on how the shelves are mounted, the boxes may need to be narrower to provide room for the slides that they sit on.

When it is time for you to make the choice, consider how much room your kitchen has to spend on form: do you need to maximize every square inch available to you or would your cabinets still hold your things despite being slightly smaller? Remember that even if your cabinets already seem to be filled to the brim, your remodel may be increasing your storage space with or without pull-out shelves. Try to imagine clearing one shelf in every three cabinets to get a sense of what kind of space might be lost. If you can manage, pull-out shelves are probably right for you.

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