Have you heard of hidden doors?  If you have watched a spy movie you have probably seen hidden doors allowing access to a hidden room.  Have you ever seen one in a real home though?  They are gaining popularity and the reasons below explain why.

Added Storage Space

The top reason people use a bookcase as a door is for added storage space.  You obviously can’t place a bookcase in front of a door because then you wouldn’t have access to the door.  If you make the door into the bookcase you are saving the floor space you would have used to put the bookcase in another location.  A space that originally would have been unusable is now taken advantage of.  In many homes it is difficult to find a way to arrange furniture so windows, doors, and closets are left unblocked.  By turning your door into a bookcase you can reduce the amount of furniture you are trying to arrange.

In addition, people are constantly looking for extra storage in their homes.  By turning a door into a bookshelf you have added storage space that didn’t previously exist.  The bookshelf can be used to store more than just books.  DVDs, puzzles, photo albums, games and more can be stored on a door bookcase.  An alternative is to use the bookcase for decorative purposes and display a favorite collection.

Adds Sense of Mystery to Your House

Who doesn’t love a spy story with a secret room?  Now you can have one in your own home.  Kids will love it and guests will enjoy the element of surprise.  It will provide people something to talk about!  A hidden door will add character to your home and provide your children their own secret lair.

Keeps Items or an Entire Room Out of Sight

Maybe you want to use a hidden door to keep a room secret.  A hidden door can hide a safe room.  Some people use a bookcase door to hide a room they are using for storage. You won’t have to explain that the room at the end of the hall is filled with odds and ends if people see a bookcase instead of a door.  Maybe you want to have a space filled with clutter that you don’t want guests to see. They won’t be able to snoop in a closet or room they don’t know exists.

Or you can place valuables in a closet behind a hidden door.  If someone breaks into your house they will never be able to locate your valuables because they won’t know a space exists behind the bookcase door.

At Edgewood Cabinetry we can design and install bookcase doors for your home.  If you are looking for added storage space that adds character to your home and allows you to hide valuables or clutter contact us to learn more about procuring a hidden door.