If you are building a new kitchen or upgrading an existing one you will need to have new cabinets installed.

You can select to go through a contractor or designer who will work with the cabinet manufacturer on your behalf.  We believe it is better to work directly with the custom cabinet manufacturer however and want to provide you three reasons why.

More Likely to Get Exactly What You Envisioned

Imagine this scenario, you envision what you want your cabinets to look like and you communicate it to the contractor who then communicates it to the cabinet manufacturer.  Remember the game of ‘telephone’ you used to play as a child where one person would tell the next something and it would get passed down the line?  In the end it would come out a completely different word.  The same thing could potentially happen with your contractor.  Although the contractor has good intentions they may not completely understand or visualize what you are desiring and therefore may not communicate it properly to the cabinet manufacturer.  When the project is completed you may be disappointed with the results but at this point it is too late.  If you communicate directly with the cabinet manufacturer you are much more likely to be pleased with the final result.

Feedback is Possible During the Process

The custom cabinet manufacturer will have a consultation directly with you to find out what your specific needs are.  Any questions you have about the process are answered.  Information will be provided so you can make informed product decisions.  Measurements of the space will then be taken.  At this point you will meet again with the manufacturer where you will be presented the design options.  Based on your feedback the cabinet manufacturer will create a final design.  The cabinet manufacturer can provide you a visual design to show what your kitchen will look like when completed.  Details such as wall and floor colors and even pictures on the wall can be included so you can really envision what the final result would be.  The project will not start until you are completely satisfied with the design.  This means the final layout will be exactly what you approved and you know you will be happy.  There won’t be any unexpec ted surprises upon completion.

You Should be the Ultimate Decision Maker

By working directly with the the custom cabinet manufacturer you will be able to prioritize your design so your result fits in your budget.  The manufacturer can work with you to determine how many cabinets you need and what style you like.  In addition the wood species and finishes can be selected.  You will work directly with the manufacturer to determine which features are important to you.  Having a close relationship between the cabinet manufacturer and the customer is vital.  The customer should be the ultimate decision maker and will be if working directly with the cabinet manufacturer.

At Edgewood Cabinetry we prefer to work directly with the customer so we can ensure complete satisfaction with the final result.  Contact us for your cabinetry needs.