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Thinking outside the kitchen triangle

Cabinets are really just built-in pieces of furniture, and really are useful in so many more places than we usually put them. Let’s take a look at cabinets in the master bedroom.

That chest of drawers you have in your bedroom that holds clothes has to be moved from time-to-time to clean underneath. When you do finally move it, you find the things that have fallen behind or gotten under it. Maybe an earring you thought you’d lost, a sock you couldn’t find, or even money. Now think what it would be like if that was a beautiful cabinet, with no gap behind it and no space underneath for dust and lost items to hide.

Do you have a TV in your bedroom? A slimmed-down version of an entertainment center would make that TV space give you more storage as well as make the space more lovely. You can even have doors that open when you want to turn the TV on and close when you don’t want to see it. You could have drawers underneath for more clothes, or cabinets that would hold bed linens, or even some of each. Once again, there is no need to move a heavy piece of furniture to clean or look for lost items under.

You could even have a built-in headboard and night stands. This is a space that often goes unnoticed, but we always have a need for places to put things like books, drinks, clocks, and lamps. A headboard with night stands would go so well your other cabinets, making the room truly match and look lovely.

These are just a few ideas of places you can use cabinets, besides the kitchen or bathroom. If you look around your house, you are sure to find more. Because you don’t move cabinets around and they are secured to the wall, they stay looking lovely longer than most furniture.

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