custom cherry kitchen-edgewood cabinetry

A beautiful new kitchen starts with an idea and a plan. Deciding exactly how much you can afford to spend, and the best areas to spend it on is crucial to your renovation project.

In theory, the cost of your kitchen should range between 10-20 percent of the value of your home. If you are planning to stay in your current home, budgeting  on the high side of the spectrum makes sense. If you foresee selling  the house in the near future, spending less than 10% may cost you prospective buyers down the road.

Once you have determined how much you want to spend, ask yourself the following questions. What does this kitchen need? What architectural style will best fit in with the overall look of my home?

Choosing the cabinetry for your kitchen is one of the most important decisions you will make. The cabinets’ design and color make the largest  impact on your budget and have the most influence on the feel of the room.

Be an informed consumer. Know what your options are before committing style or design. The difference between stock ( or builder’s grade), semi-custom  and custom cabinets is primarily in the manufacturing process, not necessarily in the quality.  A custom-made cabinet is not always well made, and conversely, there are stock cabinets made with quality materials and well constructed.

At Edgewood Cabinetry, we offer a full line of well made, well-constructed products for every kitchen design.

Stock cabinets are pre-made in standard sizes, usually in three-foot sections. While they typically offer few options for customization, you will have some choice in style, material and color.

Semi-custom cabinets are also pre-manufactured, but give you a wider array of styles, finishes and interior and exterior design options.

There is no limit to what you can expect from custom-made cabinets. This option allows you to finesse all the details of your kitchen cabinets. You are bound only by your imagination and your budget.

We have a cabinet for every budget.  Contact us to learn more about our full line of cabinets and how you can have the “Edgewood experience” as you plan your new kitchen.