commercial appliances in the home -edgewood cabinetry

Congratulations! You have finally decided to remodel your kitchen – you’ve been dreaming, planning and saving for years for your ideal kitchen. Most kitchen upgrades include the following features:

• more counter space and seating options – you want your kitchen to be inviting, offering more than space for the cook and dishes.
• center island to open the flow of traffic around the workspace: your kitchen is a meeting place, a creative space and a highly efficient production area.
• a professional look and feel – the most popular look in newly remodeled kitchens includes stainless steel appliances that have the look and feel of professional, commercial appliances, BUT they are the residential version thereof.

What if you want the real deal in your new kitchen? When considering installing commercial appliances in your home kitchen, here are some important factors to consider:

• Do you want to pay the extra dollar upfront or in the long-run? Commercial appliances are actually less expensive than residential appliances, but you may be looking at higher maintenance and repair costs later on. Interestingly, the same motor compressors can be found in other, cheaper brands, but the commercial version will be running at a higher efficiency.
• Commercial appliances are designed for high-volume and higher output, meaning they take more energy to run. At the same time, imagine your next Thanksgiving dinner effortlessly and beautifully prepared in your state-of-the-art professional kitchen, with everything coming out at just the right temperature and at just the right time.
• Finally, consider whether your current utility set-up can support commercial-grade ranges and dishwashers. Is your hot-water boiler big enough? Most residential gas lines literally aren’t the right size to supply a commercial range.

My guess is that if you are passionate enough about your kitchen to go for the full remodel, you are passionate enough to do it right. So, while you are in the nitty-gritty of kitchen remodeling, you might as well get the gas and water lines upgraded. Go for the commercial appliances that endure more wear and tear, and are straightforward in their operation and maintenance.

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