When the new meets old in an older kitchen or room, it doesn’t have to be a clash of styles that puts you into an interior design panic.

You always have to plan in advance before adding something new to an older space. And choosing the right cabinets or shelving to go in an older kitchen or room can help you blend well with the older items you want to keep intact.

Here at Edgewood Cabinetry, we work frequently with clients who want to add new cabinetry, counter spaces, or shelving to old rooms. We make sure they have an idea of what it’s going to look like before we build it for them so they know what to expect.

We can do the above for you while adding elements to your kitchen that modernize while still giving a feel for the original architecture.

Cabinetry Styles

Wooden cabinets can be made into any style you want to match the original space. Many people want the cabinets to match the style of the walls and original fixtures, which is easy to do. With quality wood, you can be sure that your cabinets are going to hold up for years without falling apart as your previous aging cabinets perhaps were.

While it’s not always easy to change something that you loved before, we can make the cabinetry in the very same design as the previous cabinetry, yet with more strength and endurance.

Adding Kitchen Islands

It’s amazing that kitchen islands hadn’t been invented back in earlier eras for kitchens. They could have provided so much space for homemakers who spent so much time in the kitchen fixing large meals for their family or during parties. Now they’re a frequent request for older kitchens to help modernize them while still keeping the same style of the original design.

Again, we can bring the modern look of a customized island while still bringing a stylistic choice that fits the original look of the kitchen. We can provide the illusion the kitchen island was there all along, going back decades.

Adding New Shelving in the Kitchen or Other Rooms

Shelves can be customized in so many different ways that it’s almost infinite in possibilities. When you need to add extra storage to an older room to perhaps store previous antiques, we can add things that make those shelves look subtle. Everything from wall niches to hidden shelving inside cabinets can safely store things on display or away from public view.

By adding these shelving elements, you still can give a hint of the original look to the room without having to have giant shelves crowding the wall space.

The same can be said in bathrooms where new vanities can provide hidden places to store things while giving the look of the vanity that was there originally.

Contact us here at Edgewood Cabinetry so we can work with you to create new cabinetry and storage options in your old kitchen or an old room. Along with the proper paint color, the new can definitely blend with the old without making it obvious you modernized.