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It used to be that almost every kitchen had laminate countertops with a few exceptions being tile.

If you were installing or remodeling a kitchen you didn’t have much choice in countertop. That was years ago prior to Corian hitting the market. More recently granite and quartz became popular reducing the percentage of kitchens with laminate countertops considerably and increasing options for consumers. Today there are even more alternative options include concrete countertops, butcher block wood and even countertops made from recycled glass. These alternative options have become more affordable in recent years increasing the popularity. Let’s examine the creativity, durability and cost of concrete countertops.


One advantage of concrete is that is allows room for creativity. The color and lines of the countertops can be selected by the homeowner. Pictures can be included as well. The end result is a kitchen countertop that looks like a work of art.


Once the countertop has been installed and sealed, concrete is considered highly durable. The durability is comparable to a limestone or marble countertop. The key is to make sure the concrete is properly sealed so it doesn’t stain.


Cost of concrete countertops has come down over the years making it an affordable option. When concrete was originally on the market it was only possible for the ultra rich but now everyday homeowners can consider installing concrete countertops.

Comparison to Other Options

All countertop options have their drawbacks. Wooden countertops are known to be worn due to use of knives. Soapstone will weather over time. A drawback of granite is that it releases trace amounts of radon which is a radioactive gas. Granite can also harbor bacteria because it is porous. The main drawback of concrete is the chance it may stain but proper sealing eliminates that risk.
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