Your counters are prime kitchen real estate, especially in a modest sized kitchen.

Integrating this appliance into your cabinetry lets you reclaim workspace(and quite frankly, is visually more appealing.)

The holidays are fast approaching and you know you’ll need counter space to cool all those cookies.It is nice to have choices in life, and there are plenty to choose from when it comes to finding optimal solutions for installing your microwave.

  • Under an island. This option makes it easy for children (with supervision of course) to use. Simply sit the unit on the bottom shelf of your work island or peninsula
  • A microwave drawer. Such a clever design idea. A microwave that is installed under a counter top and pulls out like a drawer, innovative and space saving. A good option for smaller kitchens.
  • An over the stove microwave seems to be builder’s choice for location. While it does maximize space, it makes cleaning difficult and can be somewhat problematic for the vertically challenged. In addition, this location simply does not work well if two people are trying to cook at once.
  • Recessed in the wall. If you have a wall that backs up to the garage or even a closet you can set the microwave into the wall. Without any protrusion, it is a high-end look for a relatively modest cost.
  • In a cupboard. Out of sight and within easy reach. Contact us to see if a specialty vented cabinet will fit into your current kitchen design.
  • On a shelf–  If you have a small corner or an expanse of bare wall, mounting the microwave on a  sturdy shelf can be both efficient and attractive.

Microwave ovens will always be an integral part of kitchen design, so free up that valuable counter space and find a location that works for your family.