Kitchen cabinets open shelving

Open shelving in the kitchen is currently very popular among home builders and kitchen remodelers. 


Websites, like Pinterest, offer numerous photos of kitchens with open shelving.  You may be wondering what the advantages of this relatively new kitchen design are. 


Open shelving offers multiple opportunities for decorating in the kitchen.
•    Bring color into your kitchen by adding paint or paper to the back of the cabinets.  This color will not only add style to your kitchen but give your cabinets the appearance of added depth.
•    Showcase items such as spices, olive oil or other decorative pieces. Display a collection such as cookbooks.
•    Your bowls and plates stacked in the cabinets become art on display.
•    Show your personality in your kitchen which is traditionally a very functional space.


•    You will have easy access to everything while you are cooking in your kitchen.
•    No need to open and close your cabinet doors 1,000 times a day.
•    Kids, family members and guests will no longer have to ask ‘where are the glasses?’ because they will easily be able to spot them.
•    You will not lose items or forget about them and will not waste time searching for something.  Everything will be apparent.
•    You won’t feel inclined to shove things into the cabinet but will be inspired to stay neat and organized.
•    Since you won’t have to worry about closing the doors your storage space will increase.

Bottom Line

•    Open shelving will make your room look and feel bigger.
•    Cost will be reduced due to less wood required.
If you are planning a kitchen remodel or designing a kitchen for your new house consider open shelving.  It will provide you function along with a decorative look.  At Edgewood Cabinetry we would be happy to make your vision for your new kitchen a reality.  Contact us to find out more about our cabinetry options.