led strip lighting

It’s true that LED’s light the way in more ways than one in both energy efficiency and what you can do with them for creative light displays.

You may not know that you can now buy specialized LED lighting to use on your cabinetry and shelving. Using flexible strip lighting and edge lighting from Hefele, you can create some fantastic lighting displays to highlight items sitting on shelves and cabinets.

Hafele sells Loox LED’s that we can provide for you through us at Edgewood Cabinetry. It’s an extra we love giving our customers to help bring an appealing aesthetic quality to the cabinets and shelves we build.

How can these lights help highlight items you have on display in your home? After we build some new cabinetry for you, these LED lights can highlight important items and create lighting effects you couldn’t do just a few years ago.

LED Strip Lights

These flexible strips can be made into different shapes to get into oblique angles in shelves and cabinetry. They’re perfect for highlighting an antique, a piece of art, or even dishes without shining a light directly on them. Lighting here can be more subtle and appear to be coming from a natural source.

The beauty of the strip lighting is that it can be embedded in tight spaces where no one can see the lighting source. It creates a magical quality to shelves and cabinetry and gives unique style in rooms where you want to highlight things for visitors.

Keep in mind LED strip lights can be used virtually anywhere, from living rooms to the bedroom, to even in stores within shelving. The flexible strips all come with mini LED bulbs so the bulbs will last for years without burning out.

LED Edge Lighting

Among other options, Hafele also provides edge lighting from Loox. These are great for glass shelving in both the home and in stores. When used in conjunction with reflective surfaces, you can play with more subtle lighting effects and in highlighting specific features on products. Proper and subtle lighting can improve the ability to bring out certain details in things you want to prominently display. Never underestimate the power of lighting on cabinetry and shelves since it can make a lot of items look better than they perhaps would with natural light (or no light at all).

Surface-Mounted Downlights

If you want a light to shine directly down on items sitting on your shelves, Hefele also offers downlights that can be mounted directly to the top surface of the shelf or cabinet. We can gladly install these so they’ll be fully integrated into what we build for you. The lights can also be used as an all-purpose light if you use a cabinet space to prepare food or for occasional reading.

Contact us here at Edgewood Cabinetry so we can incorporate this specialized LED lighting into the cabinets and shelves we’ll build for you. With our expertise, you’ll be able to enjoy our use of real wood in your cabinets and be able to save money with the efficiency LED lights always provide.