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Have you ever wished that you’d have a place for pets where they could eat their food in a more private area and without a feeding dish that might get lost?

A lot of our pets prefer to eat their food without being out in the open (especially cats), and dogs can sometimes make a mess when having to eat out of a regular bowl. Particularly with a hungry dog, they may knock the dish around, requiring you to clean up dog (or human) food off the floor.

A popular new trend is pet feeding stations that can be incorporated directly into kitchen cabinetry. It’s a specialized project we can do for you here at Edgewood Cabinetry. But because this is a very customized type of project, we’ll work closely with you to see how you want it designed. With our expertise in cabinetry, incorporating a pet feeding station can also be designed to accommodate the assumed preferences of your own pet.

Incorporating Feeding Dishes into the Cabinet Base

We’ve had clients who enjoy having a pullout base on a kitchen cabinet with built-in feeding bowls. This can eliminate the problem of the feeding bowls tipping over and causing spills while your dog or cat tears into their food. And with a surface around it that’s easily cleanable, you don’t have to worry about the food getting on the floor or leaving stains elsewhere. With the ability to pull the base in or out as an option, you can also control how much your pet eats in a day if you leave food in the dish all the time.

Keep in mind these built-in feeding dishes can be on a cabinet containing plenty of shelf space for your own things. It can even be built in to the side of a kitchen island if you so choose.

Feeding Stations Under Cabinetry

Some pets refuse to eat unless they can have some privacy. If you’ve noticed your pet is that way, why not incorporate a pet feeding station under cabinetry or shelving in your kitchen? We can design shelving or cabinetry with a niche space underneath that allows your pet to go in and eat without being disturbed. At the same time, you have cabinet and shelving space above the station so you can easily gain access to kitchen supplies without disturbing your pets while they eat.

Variations on the Feeding Stations

We can design those built-in feeding dishes so it’s adjustable to the height of your dog, cat, or other pet. There isn’t any set height, and you don’t want your dog or cat to have to be uncomfortable trying to eat out of their bowls. It can even be designed to be adjusted gradually as your dog goes from a puppy to an adult.

Even more enclosed areas can be designed with a little door if your pet wants complete privacy as you work in your kitchen. Very few pets enjoy us watching them eat, just like most of us don’t either. So let us incorporate a little peace of mind for your pet while designing new cabinetry for your kitchen or other room in your home.

Contact us here at Edgewood Cabinetry so we can work with you on designing a pet feeding station that works the best for you and your pet. Kitchens should always be a fun place where your family congregates, and making your pet comfortable there is just as important as thinking of yourself.