pull out shelf bath storage

Maximizing bath storage with smaller spaces may not sound easy in the abstract, yet it can be done with some creative shelving and cabinet spaces. The bathroom is where we spend most of our time (next to the kitchen), so having items in convenient storage areas makes life so much easier. At the same time, the beauty of custom shelving and cabinetry allows those things to be hidden from view without adorning counter space with razors and toothpaste tubes.

What creative custom shelving and cabinet ideas should you use in your bathroom to maximize storage space? With our ability to custom build any type of cabinetry for you here at Edgewood Cabinetry, you have plenty of choices.

Caddies on the Back of Doors

Better Homes and Gardens recommends this storage idea as a way to hide away certain items that otherwise won’t fit elsewhere. These can be easily customized in various styles and hold smaller items that you might otherwise lose. They can hold everything from toilet paper rolls to lotions. No longer do those items have to sit and be visible on your bathroom vanity counter.

Floating Shelves

Perhaps you’ve seen floating shelves in other bathrooms, usually located under the sink. They’re becoming a popular customized storage idea based on the illusion they’re floating, even though the shelf connects with supports to the back wall. It’s a perfect place to store towels if you don’t want them sitting on the counter or on hangers near your vanity.

Building a Pull-Out Storage Cabinet in a Narrow Wall

Sometimes narrow wall space on either end of a bathroom vanity can be remodeled to include pull-out storage space. It’s a chance for you to get creative rather than having unnecessary wall space go to waste. With these pull-out cabinet ideas, you can make the shelves out of quality wood and store other small items you don’t want sitting around or stuffed into crowded storage spaces.

Freestanding Cabinets

If you have no closet space in your bathroom to store linens or towels, consider a freestanding cabinet you can place on one side of your vanity or on both sides. These can be customized with narrow dimensions just like the pull-out cabinet idea above. By building in a freestanding way, you can move them around and even use them in other rooms later. These are perfect for storing your towels and linens in open shelving styles or with solid doors.

No matter the custom ideas, we can do it for you here at Edgewood Cabinetry LLC with the vision you have in mind.

Contact us and we’ll start brainstorming with you on creative ways our cabinetry can store your ever-growing bathroom inventory.