A popular design choice for cabinets is the use of onlays & appliques, decorative additions such as scrolling wood and other designs carved in different materials that add a unique and atmospheric touch to your cabinetry.
What are some good reasons to select onlays and appliques?
Variety.  There’s a wide range of onlays and appliques you can choose from.  Some of the designs include fleur-de-lis, leaf scrolls, rosettes, and even faces, such as the visage of a classic lion.  Other designs are more abstract.  You would be able to find something suited to your personal taste and to the overall decor in a particular room.  For instance, while some designs might seem out of place in a room that has minimalistic or modern decor, they would be at home in a room with a more traditional or antique appearance.
Uniqueness.  Adding these decorative features could enhance the uniqueness of your cabinetry.  Just as the cabinets themselves can be customized for any room in your home, the onlays and appliques will make your cabinets look truly individualized, as if they were carved just for you.
Visual interest and aesthetic appeal.  Well-chosen onlays and appliques draw the eye and make the cabinetry look not only more visually interesting, but also beautiful; they highlight other features in the cabinetry and in the room as a whole.  Your cabinets shouldn’t be purely functional.  Along with their utility, they should also look lovely and contribute to the overall beauty of your home.
Richness.  High-quality onlays and appliques can make your cabinetry appear more expensive.  But you won’t need to spend a lot of money to achieve this effect.
Contact us to discuss cabinetry designs that are suited to your personal tastes and fit well with your home.  Poorly designed cabinets, along with improperly chosen design features, will detract from your interior decor.  You want every aspect of your cabinetry to work together as a harmonious whole, both functionally and aesthetically.