As kitchens take their rightful place as the heart of our homes, we’re giving more and more attention to the details that make them beautiful.  One kitchen fixture that has received an enormous amount of attention recently is the faucet.  While in our parents’ day, a kitchen faucet was mostly abot function, new, high-end designs are bringing a touch of elegance to the hardest-working corner of your kitchen.
What are some of the hottest faucet trends for kitchens?  The HGTV team fills us in:

  • Minimalist.  Contemporary kitchens are incorporating faucets that are sleek, ergonomic, and minimalist in design.  Chrome finishes, single handles, and seamless finishes are a few notable features of today’s contemporary faucets.
  • “Profi.”  You’ve probably seen these professional-grade faucets on design shows and in magazines.  They are prized for their versatility, as you can use the extendable faucet to fill up nearby pots and coffeemakers, or even to water plants.  Their tall silhouette adds a bit of high drama to your room, especially if you are working with a larger space.
  • Vintage.  Bucking the modern trend, classic faucet designs are also making a comeback this year.  Wall-mounted and bridge faucets are two of the most popular styles, lending retro kitchens an air of timeless comfort.

And what about trends in bathroom faucets?

  • Rustic.  As rustic bathroom design takes its stride this year, faucets that mimic elements found in nature are becoming increasingly popular, as are faucets in less common finishes, like dark charcoal.
  • New shapes.  Because bathroom faucets are less work-focused than their kitchen counterparts, homeowners are embracing less traditional shapes, like square faucets, which nicely complement the hot new trend of rectangular sinks.
  • High Arcs.  In more contemporary bathrooms, high arc faucets are taking center stage and adding a bit of drama to the space.

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