One of the biggest concerns people experience when having their kitchen remodeled is that the project will get bogged down in mistakes.  Fortunately, many errors are preventable, as long as you know about them in advance and can give them proper consideration.  The following are five major kitchen remodel mistakes to avoid.
1) Losing sight of the bigger picture
People sometimes focus on changing one part of their kitchen, such as the cabinetry or the material of the floor or countertops, without considering how those changes will fit with how they use their kitchen and affect its overall style.  Some materials or colors wouldn’t look good together.  Other changes will make the kitchen look smaller or cost you space.  Even if your renovation seems relatively minor, you need to always consider how it will affect the kitchen as a whole.
2) Leaving all the decisions to contractors and other professionals
When people don’t carefully think through what they need and make their needs clear to the professionals they work with, they’re often stuck with a kitchen they didn’t envision and don’t feel comfortable with.  Professionals can always give you feedback about your ideas and of course help you implement them, but they shouldn’t be dictating the project.
3) Cutting corners
People understandably want to save money on renovations, so they sometimes go for cheaper materials or hire professionals who aren’t reputable.  In the short term, this might save some money.  But ultimately they get stuck paying more down the road as their kitchen starts to fall apart from the shoddy renovation work and low-quality materials.
4) Getting carried away
Make sure not to ‘over-design’ your kitchen.  Sometimes people start renovations and don’t know when to stop.  There’s always some light fixture or appliance they feel like they need to update or some extra scrollwork they’re desperate to add to their cabinet doors, and ultimately their kitchen winds up looking like someone fussed with it too much.  Plus, they spend more money than they need to and can’t even relax and enjoy the beautiful kitchen they have.
5) Making unnecessary major changes
If you feel like you need more space in your kitchen, your first solution shouldn’t be to tear down walls or move around your sink or other major appliances. This will lead to a much more costly renovation. First, always consider whether there are less complicated solutions you could implement to get similar results.  Even in smaller kitchens, there are ways to make much more efficient use of the space, giving you more room to move around and making the room lighter and more airy.
If you’re considering a kitchen renovation, contact us. An important part of the kitchen, in terms of both its space and appearance, are the high quality cabinets you choose.  We’ll also be able to give you general advice about your renovation and help you design a kitchen that you’ll love.