Stainless appliances are the “LBD” (little black dress) of the kitchen.

Like the dress, they are the epitome of classic elegance, timeless beauty and, quite frankly – a status symbol.

Unlike the avocado and persimmon look of years past, stainless has spanned decades of design fashions and continues to remain the star of the show. The industrial feel of steel lends an air of professionalism and sophistication to the feel of the room. With a look that says,” A great cook lives here”, stainless steel appliances are more than a trend- they are the crowning jewels of the upscale kitchen.

Sturdy and durable, these appliances remain sought after by homeowners, quite often just to be able to say, “We have stainless”. Pairing well with most decorating styles, the look has become a status symbol.

Manufacturers continue to improve upon a good thing. Black stainless is now  readily available, and becoming  quite popular. With the look of brushed metal, the new color and finish is more resistant to fingerprints and very design friendly. Black and traditional stainless compliment each other, so mixing the finishes gives a very “put together” aesthetic that mixing other finishes and colors does not offer. This has advantages – now is it possible to replace a single appliance and keep the total design look appropriate and purposeful.

Is stainless on the way out? Not anytime soon. 2016 promises to offer more choices and infinite possibilities for your decorating and renovation plans. When you are ready to revamp your kitchen, contact us. We’ll keep you on the cutting edge, and always en vogue.