Kesseböhmer storage solutions for the ultimate kitchen-edgewood cabinetry

Most people have ordinary cabinets in their kitchen and Most people don’t know what they’re missing.

They don’t have Kesseböhmer storage solutions.

These are but a few examples of the ultimate in storage meet elegance.


Looking for tall cabinetry?  The Tandem offers you one of those ‘a-ha’ moments as you open the door, and not only are the shelves on the door easily accessible, but the rear shelves move forward.  Gone are the days of trying to hunt at the back of a dark cabinet for that jar of pasta sauce you thought you shoved in there long ago.  The Tandem can also go smaller in unexpected ways.  If you want a coffee maker or oven integrated into the unit, the Tandem can fit neatly underneath, giving you storage right where you need it.


Convoy Centro, the beginning of the Centro line, is an amazing pull-out pantry system that shows you everything you have. It’s soundless, dampened opening and closing are a world’s first, and all the shelves are fully easily adjustable.  Convoy Lavido offers pull-out shelves that will win you over with their easy accessibility including shelves that pull out to give you 270 degrees of access to your stored good.  Usable even with sliding doors, this is the one that is truly versatile in design while offering you not only ease of access but access in a beautiful way.


Rather have a pull-out pantry with even more options? Dispensa is the one for you.  With the ability to swing 90 degrees in either direction once fully extended, you can see everything you have on either side of the cabinet.  Using every bit of space, nothing is wasted.

Interested?  We thought so!  Contact us so we can help you design the kitchen of your dreams with Kesseböhmer storage solutions for the ultimate kitchen.