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Taking on a huge remodel can make the homeowner feel nervous.

There are many concerns to consider. For example, the overall cost of the project, completion time and expectations throughout the remodel can keep the homeowner up at night.

Below, we have addressed some of these concerns and given you 10 things to expect during your remodel.

  1. It’s rare that any project comes together according to plan. Expect to make a few changes along the way.
  2. When modifications are necessary, it is possible that additional materials will need to be ordered. This could cause delays to occur.
  3. Additional Expenses. It is also difficult to hit a budget exactly. It’s usually suggested for you to expect about 20% more expenses than your original budget.
  4. No remodel would be described as quiet. For this reason, many homeowners choose to stay away from the home while the construction is taking place.
  5. Since a remodel will likely take several days or weeks to complete, you should expect to be inconvenienced during the construction process. For example, you may not have access to your kitchen while it is being remodeled.
  6. Construction and remodels are messy. Sealing off the construction area from the rest of your home will help keep dust in its place.
  7. It is efficient for your construction team to leave supplies lying near where they will be used next. So, don’t expect to come home to a neat construction area.
  8. After you have started the demolition project, you will probably second guess your decision to remodel. This is completely normal, but the finished product will put those fears aside.
  9. Good Working Relationship. Developing a great relationship with your construction team early is both desirable and necessary, and will be something your construction crew strives for.
  10. A Grand Finale. After everything is said and done, you will be excited about the finished results and about enjoying your home a bit more.

Remodels are stressful when you don’t know what to expect.

But, by learning more about these items, you can put some of your fears aside and look forward to the finished look of your new home. To get started with a remodel of your own, contact us today.