Make your new kitchen even more stylish and organized by adding a kitchen rail and backsplash system.

A neatly organized kitchen will allow you to keep your most frequently used items near at hand but off of the countertops.
There are many options available when designing a kitchen rail and backsplash system and one can be designed to fit your specific needs. The system isn’t meant to replace your cabinetry, but rather to complement it. It will free up cabinet space for bulky, little-used or unattractive items.

Near the cooking area

This is the ideal place for utensil holders and hooks, spice racks and perhaps a knife rack.

The sink area

Keep your soap, sponges and dish gloves handy, but out of the way, in a ventilated shelf with an attached hanging rod. Over the sink is also the perfect place for a pull-down dish drainer and basket for rinsed fruits and vegetables. Keep a paper towel holder and towel rods nearby for quick and easy clean-ups.

Near a sunny window

There are even special components available for holding small pots of fresh herbs or you can just set their pots on a simple but handy shelf unit. Shelves come in a variety of sizes to suit your needs.

Other options

There are many other options available for specific uses. Keep your cookbook handy, but clean and out of the way, with a drop down rack. Cups or mugs are easy to reach when hung from hooks near the coffee maker. There are special racks designed to hold plates, wine glasses & bottles, and even food wrap boxes.

Whatever your needs, there is a kitchen rail and backsplash system to suit. Contact us for help designing your gorgeous and efficient new kitchen.